Hlaalu Aggro 9-0 legend top 100 run

By: Atlaesl
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 18200crystal
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It's likely no secret to you that Hlaalu is one of the strongest and most popular decks on the ladder currently. However, those of you looking to pickup or revisit this deep color group may like to look over this build of the class.

After reaching legend rank this month (with predominantly Hlaalu as well as Scout and Dagoth) I went on a 9-0 run to finish off at #94

Pixordidn'thappen https://ibb.co/hHGBro

There really isn't anything flashy or innovative with this list, I do admit. Mainly playsets of the best cards at their respective mana costs while keeping curve the main focus. I find I run fewer 4+ cost cards in my lists than what my Hlaalu opponents have shown allowing for higher consistency in my draws and smoothing out the likelihood I will be able to go under the opponent and control the pace of the game.

The standout "tech" that I run comes in the form of Brynjolf and Allena Benoch both are high-cost, high-impact cards which is what Hlaalu aggro is looking for when evaluating it's choices higher up in the curve. Brynjolf is one of the best cards you can have mid to late game in the mirror as well as serving as must-answer threat vs. control and a much needed life gain source vs. aggro decks which struggle to answer a 4/5. Allena is mainly a concession to the fact there are cards you won't beat in certain situations... such as Brynjolf, and plays as a sturdy catch-all two-for-one against the ladder.

Other notable selections come as:
Bruma Profiteer I've put two-drops at a premium with this deck as you're always looking for one in your opener and cards that scale well into the late game are a must. This guy gives us both with a reasonable body as well as much needed life gain. Were aggro less popular these would become open slots but for the time being I can't recommend anything take it's place.

Hlaalu Sharpshooter The lists only two-of as I've found myself looking for it often enough while rarely wanting to see it in multiples. It's not been particularly busted for me but I don't recall it ever being bad unless drawn in multiples early on. A useful tool that will bail you out of situations no other card will.

Withered Hand Cultist I began playing Hlaalu with this card, cut it and recently returned to it. I won't tell you it's a necessity however with the numbers of often spell-heavy decks I've encountered such as Tribunal control, Telvani and Uprising Scout I've found it to be a welcome inclusion. The 3/4 body is no embarrassment elsewhere as well. This card is the main reason there are no Shadow Shift in the list.

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Great list. Perhaps I would replace Gambler with Eastmarch Crusader. Gambler gets answered too often and instead of giving you card advantage it gives you card loss.
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Atlaesl 6 days ago
Yeah I've actually considered this swap myself. I'm not 100% certain I'm on the right side of it, however Gambler has been an absolute all-star for the 2 seasons I've played this class. As long as you're picky about where you play it, I've found that often times the opponent is put in a less than ideal situation, between killing it over another threat or dealing with a more developed lane. We're heavily on the aggressive end of the mid-range spectrum and while a 2 for 1 is never what we want it's never backbreaking as we often come out ahead on tempo which is more coveted than card advantage.
All that said I wouldn't really fault anyone for playing crusader in the slot. Thanks for checking this out!
Is Alena very important here? I don't have that card but I have all the others so I would give this deck a try (perhaps swap Cliff Racer for Underworld Vigilant for security purposes :P )
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Atlaesl 5 days ago
She's definitely not necessary, just a useful effect. You can basically make this slot whatever you would like and the deck functions the same.
I wouldn't recommend playing anything over cliff racer however as the 4/4 body is almost as important as charge (when returning to the game after a hiatus I go looking for the best cliff racer deck and landed on hlaalu this time) I can't stress enough how good it is.
Give vigilante a shot though, maybe it's legit. Let me know when you do!
Well I went from top of rank 3 back to the bottom of snake with this deck :D (only modification is Alena --> Jarl)
So there are 2 options:

1. I was really unlucky. There are those days when you just cannot win. Happens sometimes.

2. This deck simply does not work on lower ranks but works in Legend. I saw many decks here that were posted as a well performing deck on legend but then people commented it did not work on lower ranks. I fell for it many times.

Anyway I returned to my mage Tinkrering deck (check it out on my profile if you wish) amd started climbing again, I will return to this deck later :)
1 Reply
Atlaesl 5 days ago
Ahh well that's too bad.
FRCP23 4 days ago
Fwiw, I went 3-0 in level 4, but Bruma, Allena, and Brynjolf never came into play, so it might just be Hlaatu luck.
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Atlaesl 4 days ago
Oh yeah, it was for sure because the rest of the deck is nuts. Those cards cards are in "open" slots.
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