Mana Curve

0 6 14 15 9 2 3 1

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Ward 15
Prophecy 6
Breakthrough 4
Last Gasp 3
Rally 2
Lethal 2
Regenerate 0
Slay 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Betray 0
Charge 0
Drain 0
Exalt 0
Assemble 0
Pilfer 0
Plot 0
Guard 0


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TESLMasters Qualifier 2nd place mid sorcerer

By: Burnthesky
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Posted: 7 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 16200crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Very aggressive for a mid sorcerer deck. I built this deck as an exercise to improve the unexplored non-red aggro decks. I made the core of this deck (and the mage version) mudcrabs, quartermasters, daggerfalls, and camlorn heros to provide enough early game and value generation in an attempt to make up for no ash berserker.

Notable cuts: Bleakcoast Troll, Whiterun Protector, Bone colossus

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