HTWolf's Mage Combo

By: HTWolf
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Posted: 6 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (Mudcrab patch)
Crafting Cost: 14750crystal
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Hi all!

First of all, i apologize for any grammar mistake... english is not my mother language.

Second, i might have done some errors about the name and type of this deck, cause i'm not yet familiar with the ESL strict "slang"!

What's the idea about this deck? I've constructed it all around the Chanter of Akatosh, so by the first hand, try to get it ad fast as you can. Every spell therefore is balanced to have his creature counterpart to summon thanks to the Chanter.

Why just one Chanter? Cause another important part of this deck also costs 5, i'm talking obviuosly about that old evil hag called Therana, to begin with. Second: it happened to me a couple times to have 2 Chanters onboard, summoning some Sweet Rolls i couldn't get rid of, and it was quite annoying.

About the spells i chose: as you can see there are only two shouts per kind, cause i'm definitly counting on Ward Wall and Therana to get the maximum effect.

Ancano is pretty straightforward: deal a lot of damage, use some fire breath, eventually remember the Ulfric's Uprising. To repeat bad deeds.

The Black Dragon, Umbra and maybe some Lesser Ward could speak for themselves, gettin' rid of Lethal Touch creatures if you run low on spells or disposable creatures.

Conjuration Tutor and Conjuration Scholar could be a really nice combo, along with some Ulfric's Uprising, if needed.

Another interesting way to win could be to endure long enough to drive the oppenent away of cards and creatures an the palcing down Jarl Balgruf, possiby by your hand, possibly after combining the Chanter of Akatosh and the Journey to Sovngarde.

Any problematic creature on the board? Cast that douche Into Time.

Feel lonely? Here's a Paarthurnax plushie for you.

And the Artaeum chanter drops a +1 / +1 from time to time.

This deck gave me a lot of fun, and even if the chanter or therana or even both get ridden of by your opponent, there's a solid chance to win anyway.

Well, then, that's it for my first deck on this site. Opened to any suggestion!

Best to all, see you around!

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mister_VWP 6 months ago
I like the deck, although jarl balgruuf dosent make sence to me. Its just to hard to win with him.
did you ever win with him at ranked?
HTWolf 6 months ago
Yep, but you have to make the opponent pretty much creatureless and with no cards in hand, since it's more than enough to kill just one creature and nullify Balgruuf. But i have to revise the deck since ulfric's uprising was 6 magicka when i constructed it.
How can you build a deck around a card...and only have 1 Copy of it in it? If the opponent kills it..if you never draw it?
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