[#2 Legend July 2018] Pathmage Tribunal

By: Thuldir
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 25000crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
With the recent nerfs to Drain Vitality and Ulfric’s Uprising leading to the decrease in popularity of Uprising Scout, more traditional control decks start to see more play again. Tribunal combines a lot of early-game interaction with single target removal for large threats, AOE for wide boards and powerful late-game combos to compete with other control decks. Control Tribunal fixes the weaknesses of its dual-color alternatives. In contrast to Control Mage it has access to support removal and silence. Spellsword is missing the effective AOE (Ice Storm) and Sorcerer doesn’t have access to the single target removal from Willpower
Genius Pathmage has found its way into many Control Tribunal builds and become a build-around card. On turn 11 Pathmage can be used to summon up to 3 Doppelganger and Ayrenn from your deck. Thanks to Ayrenn’s ability this play can be paired with several removal spells, so that you are not only developing a huge board, but also defending yourself effectively. If a Pathmage survives for a turn, it is a great target for A Night to Remember to pull another big threat from your deck and still having plenty of magicka left for defending yourself or developing more threats.


Nix-Ox Telvanni: This is a bad matchup for any control deck, but not unwinnable for Tribunal. Having Genius Pathmage on turn 11 is hard for them to answer, since this play summons creatures that are resilient to Ice Storm. With A Night to Remember in hand, it can be worth playing a Pathmage earlier (e.g. on turn 6 or 5 with the ring of magicka) and summoning up to 3 Doppelganger and Ayrenn on the following turn already.
Midgro Warrior: This matchup is slightly favored for the Warrior. A Withered Hand Cultist can completely shut down the Tribunal’s hand full of actions and many threats from Warrior are resilient to the damage-based removal spells from Intelligence. However, a single prophecy can turn things around, Cast into Time is a great answer for Sower of Revenge and with the cheap ward creatures and removal spells as well as guards such as Hive Defender Tribunal can surprisingly often keep up in tempo and control these decks. Ald Velothi Assassin and Vigilant Ancestor can be great tech choices to improve this matchup.
The reason why Tribunal is not Tier 1 is that it is unfavored against the other Tier 1 decks (Telvanni and Warrior). Most other matchups are favored for Tribunal or at least even. With the addition of Genius Pathmage, Tribunal now has a power play on turn 11 that is very hard to control and turns around games.

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