Path mage Altar

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Posted: 6 months ago
Outdated (Mudcrab patch)
Crafting Cost: 21800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is my newest deck, build it with the altar 6 pulling pathmage and have a game winning turn 10, 11 or 12. It has great tools to slow down aggressive decks, with fire bolt, black hand or pet.

The altar Chain of this deck is really great at 4 and up.

At 4 we have schemer, 3/1 and draw, he is good to find more tools and if he dies, skulk can bring it back to you.

At 5 is the leaflurker, with this certain destroy wounded creature you can easily kill most treats, you can weak creatures with murkwater witch or just dmg it with firebolt or black hand.

At 6 is where this deck will shine the most, here you will be at turn 10 to 12, pathmage can pull something in each of those turns, I get a lot of wins pulling a free atromancer and then summoning myhand for a burst of 10 to 14 dmg.
Pathmage from hand is also great, he can pull ungolin in 1 or schemer in 0 if you already played 1. He is very powerful, but keep in mind what you still have in the deck, or he will give you a sweet roll, but even the delicious cake can be offered to the altar.

at 7 i put wispmother, she is a great card if you can use her effect, you have a lot off good 1-2 drops to duplicate, brotherhood assassin or thieves for 2 draws; witch for double debuff and double guard; balmora for more sacrifice stuff and random creatures; or even the 0 cost schemer for 2 draws too.

at 8 I have baroness, she is here to have more card draw, is very important to this deck to have full hand, she can even make a drop 3 became 1 for wispmother, but she can be traded for a more aggressive card like ancano.

the 9 drop is a not very common card, Nahkriin is most of the time a hope for something good, he can easily be traded for laneth for consistency, but keep in mind that he can pull 0 cost ice storm, yes, can save your life.

now start the finishers 10 is the atromancer 13 power to the field and 4 to the face, a great drop 10. Most value when get from pathmage altar 6, but can be very good from hand too.

the 11 and 12 are 2 cards that I not certain if they are the best i could choose, colossi is great with wispmother since the cores are 0 cost, but keep in mind that ony the original cores can give colossi key words. And 12 is Oda, he is very powerful, but most games you want to end before turn 12, so not from altar 6 pathmage or from hand, I considering to trade it with a second atromancer and leave the drop 12 empty.

This deck shine the most with altars, but a lot of games you will not get it or it will be removed, not worry, this deck can handle the game without altar and still very fun to play with it, have fun.

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