Mana Curve

3 6 9 7 11 6 5 3

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Last Gasp 10
Guard 6
Prophecy 6
Betray 3
Ward 2
Rally 0
Slay 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Plot 0
Regenerate 0
Lethal 0
Charge 0
Breakthrough 0
Drain 0
Exalt 0
Assemble 0
Pilfer 0


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OTK Leaf

By: BaconPlusEggs
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Posted: 6 months ago
Outdated (Mudcrab patch)
Crafting Cost: 16250crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

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Esareph 6 months ago
How does this work? For Leafwater to trigger, you need to gain life. The only life gain I see here is Market. Cruel Firebloom will trigger Market...I see that. To make any other 0-cost cards, you will need your Fences out, which I'm assuming is the reason for all the need all 3 of them... I get that part. I'm just not seeing how you can generate enough 0 cost cards to recycle Leafwater enough to do a OTK. Fill me in because this looks cool, but I'm obviously missing something here.
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Sorry for not explaining it in the description - I was in a little hurry.
How to prepare to the combo:
- play at least two Leafwaters (you can do it as soon as it fits you - they will wait in the graveyard)
- play the Market (one is enough)
- in the end play two Fences (they can very easily die, so play them in the turn you're performing the combo if it's possible)

How to trigger:
Now, you need to trigger the Leafwaters for the first time - use Cruel Firebloom or 0-cost Schemer (or sometimes it happens that your Fences make you another 0-cost card, but it rarely happened to me).

You have already two 0-cost Leafwaters in your hand. You play the first - nothing really happens (besides the fact you've played the card :) ).
After playing the second Leafwater - the first one returns to your hand (because you've played 0-cost card, which means you got healed by Market). Now, you can do it infinitely. The biggest issue are the prophecies - try to skip as many as possible. Do not hurt you opponent before the combo - that will usually let you skip 3 runes (you need to start buffing a 2- or 3-attack creature, reducing your opponents health to 16 and then hit face with the buffed creature).

Cards that help you draw what you need for the combo:
- Laaneth
- Fleeting Apparition
- Merchant's Camel

The rest of cards will help you survive :).
Remember about one thing - once you can perform the combo, start as soon as possible. Playing ~16 cards in one turn forces you to watch all the animations. If you do it too slow, you will possibly have not enough time.

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to share.
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