Silent but Deadly Telvanni Midgro

By: floWMega
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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (Mudcrab patch)
Crafting Cost: 19700crystal
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A list I've been having a blast with. Lots of resilient creatures to open (dagger fall, mammoth, windkeep, wardrafter). And lots of beefy creatures to set up favorable trades.

Skulk finds suppress to silence imprisoned deathlord, corrupted shade, vigilant ancestor, mourned traitor. Dres renegade is a beast. Good stats and guard, and frees up threats for you to win with.

The game plan is to make favorable trades early and build up resources before you attack. You should look to win in two turns max.

Black worm necromancer can be a huge tempo gain bringing back some really threatening creatures in this list, also throwing away an ancano or tazkad with corner club early can be useful to combo with necromancer on turn six to summon an early finisher.

Ive been winning lots of games in legend with it, and with some tinkering I think it could be devastating. Enjoy your opponents incorrect mulligans lol

This deck is a Blood Warriors Guild creation, and optimizations will follow.

Edit: Made a few changes and I think the deck is more consistent. Took out swift strike and found that dark rebirth can be a beast in this deck. Combos with Almost all the finishers, black worm necromancer, and even haunting spirit.

The tempo that works best for me is fighting for board and building resources until around turn five or six, then commanding a lane and building stats

I am beginning to stream on twitch, so if anyone is interested, my name is alphaflowmega

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Daghter 1 year ago
I'm running a slighlty different version of the deck, took out the Deathlords (as you did, I see) and replaced them with Bleakcost Trolls. Also running House Kinsman to have some better burst and to give Dark Rebirth a bit more of a use (I felt it was too inconsistent, being decent on pretty much just 4 cards). I'm not using Tazkad anymore, and in general I feel all high cost cards are just too hard to draw in a 75 cards deck which doesn't have much draw power. A couple times I managed to resurrect Ancano with Necro, but that's pretty much it. I still don't know if I'll stick to Telvanni version (which is ok as midrange and just relies too much on luck for late finishers) or just try a midrange Sorcerer for consistency. Anyway, currently R3 and deck works fine, but I have some issues with control decks removing creatures and leaving me with no draws. Might consider adding Indoril Mastermind, but we'll see.
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Those are fine substitutions. Yes the draw in the deck can be spotty, being careful with gamblers is a must.
Daghter what did you swap out? I'm looking at the deck and its pretty tight already I dont want to ditch any low cost cards so I can still easily proc catapult,mixed feelings about Tazkad and harpy
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I wouldn't sub harpy. Even if you're racing, shaking something for a turn can win you the game. DG can probably go, taz too.. though I like playing dark guardian for prophecy insurance
Daghter 1 year ago
Will Smith wrote:
Daghter what did you swap out?

I took out Tazkad and a Dark Guardian to add two Kinsmen. Was considering the option to add Mighty Conjuring to give Sun some more options, but I stopped tweaking the deck after I hit legend.
Koravel 1 year ago
Just wanna toss my hat in the ring to say thank you for this deck, flowmega. This deck is good enough to beat its creator even though he guessed what it was on turn 2. :P

This deck is amazing. I have been stuck at rank 3/4 for the past 3 months. Today I hit rank 1 for the first time and am absolutely going to shoot for legend this month.

Thank you so much for this, again. I'd say about 20% of its strength comes from the conscription meta. People see Telvanni and assume conscription, and thus mulligan incorrectly and are dead before the game starts, essentially.
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Koravel 1 year ago
Have hit legend with the deck. Just a fantastic overall deck.
McConnel 1 year ago
The anti-meta deck. It really doesn't matter much what it's facing as long as you pilot it properly... and you MUST pilot it properly. It's a blast race deck if you curve perfectly with the ring.

Currently 13/2 at 3 while pushing ladder - this deck is a monster and never expected by your opponent. Great job floWMega.
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