Pilfer Archer - Hlaalu Edition

By: Vardartheman
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Posted: 7 months ago
Outdated (Mudcrab patch)
Crafting Cost: 14450crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Been Working on this deck for a little while, and i feel that it's pretty goo,d even if it's not the best. Current win rate is about 70 percent on ladder.

Couple tips on playing this deck:

Watch your combos. Especially powerful ones are:
Master of Thieves - Crusader's Assault. This combo can often draw up to four cards and kill two of your opponents creatures while at the same time dealing some damage to your opponent and often keeping Master alive. Combine this with Snake Tooth necklace and you have some insane power going.
Bandari Bruiser/Quin'Rawl Burglar - Improvised Weapon - Unstoppable Rage. This combo will win you the game every time you can get it with at least three other creatures in the lane for bruiser and two for quin. Once used this combo to bring myself from 52 to 117 health in one turn.
Quicksilver Crossbow/Archer's gambit on any pilfer creature. Use these to quickly proc your your pilfer creatures. Generally you'll want to hit face with the damage so that their affect triggers and then they can still attack again.
Improvised Weapon on any pilfer creature. Using this combo, you can kill an opposing creature and STILL pilfer so long as your strength is higher than the opposing creature's health. Don't waste these. I used to have dagoth daggers and forsworn looters in this deck, but they didn't work well enough.
Swift Strike/Master of Thieves on any pilfer creature. This works especially well on torval crook and palace prowler, who can recoup the cost of their summoning in one turn. This can still be crazy helpful though on quin, brynjolf, sails, and tenmar and somewhat valuable on the lower level pilfer creatures. One combo I especially like is Blood pact messenger, who's gonna die anyhow so you might as well draw an extra couple of cards. Using a swift strike may not be worth it if you already have plenty of cards but if you don't, it can really help you from falling behind your opponent.
Bushwack on literally anyone at all. This will really throw off your opponents math. I've bypassed so many fighter's guild recruits and dark guardians using this i stopped counting. Also helpful when you're playing shadow--which is very typical--and your opponent dumps a fifth legion or something like that in the other lane expecting that it'll be safe for at least a couple of rounds.
Brynjolf on any pilfer creature. If you have brynjolf and master of thieves both out at the start of the turn, your opponent should be preparing to resign. Using this pair, you can gain insane amounts of life and magicka while systematically destroying your opponents board and smashing their face. Even without master of thieves Brynjolf can still gain you a decent amount of health and magicka if you have a couple of other pilfer creatures out.
Brynjolf - Crusader's assault. This combo doesn't give you the extra attack that it gives master of thieves, but it does gain you a extra health, and if you can kill a creature and still pilfer, it will gain you two cards and two magicka for only three magicka. Wonderful combo.
Skooma Underboss with anyone. This card seemed terrible to me for a while, but it has earned my respect. This card combined with improvised weapon or crusaders assault can gain you double for pilfer creatures if they can slay and pilfer. Combine this with unstoppable rage and...

The most important thing about playing this deck is that you MUST make every effort to control the board from start to finish. Crushing blows and piercing javelins can help with that, but they're way too expensive to be used unless they're completely neccessary. Don't be too worried about drain creatures since you have plenty of your own and I've had plenty of games where i deal 20-plus damage on my last turn.

This deck is super fun, wish it had a higher win rate tho. I'm open to suggestions

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This looks funny, I will try that =)
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Sorry this deck doesn't work for me. You need to draw so much cards, that isn't able. Sometimes only one or two minions die and the game is over. There is no way for a comeback. Unluckily pilfer cards/decks are weak atm. Maybe the next expansion will improve them. Let's hope...
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