Chamster’s Journey

By: Chesthams
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Posted: 8 months ago
Updated: 8 months ago
Outdated (Mudcrab patch)
Crafting Cost: 8100crystal
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I wanted to see if I could make journey work outside the Warrior/Abomination shell. This isn’t a Journey dependent deck, but since you dump so many creatures into your discard pile, you’ll always be glad to see it pop into your hand. I’ve had some good success especially against aggro and midrange decks. You can usually get them to run hand low and build up a nice defended board, then elimate threats as they come and chip away at there health.
Your goal is to control the board, you should not go face until you have established that. Your hand won’t refill as well as some other control types, so it’s ok to take some face damage, but you have to limit it as much as possible. A lot of games you’ll play reactionary for the first 6-7 turn at least.

Your worst matchups are combo decks that don’t field many creatures for you debuff. Conscription is tuff too, since your not setup to eliminate more than a few creatures at once, and almost none of your creatures battle well.

Shearpoint dragon is star for controlling the board. It’s the only reason Ransack is included, to give a chance to draw him with chanter. Save as many stat reductions cards as you can until you can get one of these bad boys on the board. 2 on board is usually game over for your opponent. Protect them as much as you can once you get one out.

Chanter is pretty obvious. You really want him to pull Listener and Assassins early. He is very fragile, so make sure he is protected, and best if you can play him and action the same turn.

Nix Ox is great for helping you fill the board and doing some chanting. You want to use them when you can benefit from the immediate Magicka gain, because no Uprisings mean you won’t be doing any Combo Wombo board fills with him.

Arrest has been great too. Try to target creatures with summon effects, or ongoing effects you can take advantage of, or grab a big threat and betray it to your Journey Stack.

Blood Pact Messanger works well with betray actions, cause he’s going to die anyways. He’s also been my top target for gambler. I also like him playing him prior to gambler and chanter, because he draws out a lot of removal actions that could threaten them.

The Gambler. Such a good card. Try to always throw a creature you can Journey later, you can’t get your actions back. But don’t be afraid to dump one if you getting steam rolled and don’t have cards to manage board.

I included Blood Sacrament for some life gain and a little face reach. It’s come in handy many times, but can also be a gambler target if you need cards more than health. The betray mechanic also works great with chanter.

Drain Blood is key board control card, with shearpoint on board you can pretty much elimate 2 creatures. And again chanting with this is awesome.

Moonmoth is definitely better than Hive Defender in this deck. Pulls more guards to slow opponent and I love a little RNG.

Berne Clan Nightstalker I’m unsure about. To many chanters on board sucks so I wanted another creature to pull with Javelin. I like that he’s versatile. He can kinda like a third Javelin with betray, or guard or both. And he can hit.

Ive only included 1 camel because i found I couldn’t use them for anything but deck milling, and since this deck doesn’t have a huge recoup option late game, it wasn’t as handy as slowing building the board and using Journey when it made sense, not when my deck was empty.

Hope you guys have fun trying something a little different.

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