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By: Talilover
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Posted: 7 months ago
Outdated (Mudcrab patch)
Crafting Cost: 6650crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Nothing special in fact I'm actually here to get guidance on how to make it better/ more competitive. It doesn't do bad or anything it's just that I really like the concept of this deck and want to know if it's possible to climb a bit on the ladder (I reckon I'd be happy with 5 for example)

The idea of the deck is to weaken any creature the opponent throws out so you control the board, shearpoint dragon is a real mvp in this regard along with drain vitality. The greybeards and and other shout based cards are to make sure you get said drain vitalities. In the case of bigger threats there's also a few ways to insta kill something with a combo (such as finish off, leaflurker, and viper). Unrelenting force is also there for extra board control. There's also plenty of cards that let you draw more cards, such as rapid shot which is also vital for aforementioned insta kill combos.

There are a few cards that I reckon can be replaced, like that random footpad and the two drain creatures as those are just damage control/ heavy hitters.

So yeah thoughts/ cards to make it better?

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I notice you have lots of "1 of"s in your list. I reckon your deck would be more reliable by taking away those cards don't follow the game plan as well to add more copies to those who do.
Leaflurker, Viper and Varanis Courier come to mind as "3 of"s.
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Talilover 7 months ago
Well leaflurker fits the general idea of the build by being a fancy finsih off but definitely isn't a must have for the deck, viper is just damage control/panic, and Courier could definitely see her way out.

Actually need to update this because I took out the unrelenting forces in favor of dragon aspect but I've been thinking about replacing strength as a whole for endurance because wow would I love to play around with parthunaax soul tear without praying to rng, reckon the only cards I'd be sad to see go is rapid shot and morkul gatekeeper.

But yeah thanks for the advice, probably throw in a few more curses once I get the soul gems as opposed to some 1 of cards
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