Namira's Party 2.0 - NOW WITH GUIDE!

By: acampbell11
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Posted: 7 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (Mudcrab patch)
Crafting Cost: 15750crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
+ Not a whole lot of meme decks in the top 100, but this is one of them.
NOTE: Look at the mana curve diagram it looks like an outstretched arm giving a middle finger. I am serious

We brought it BACK! Didn't think we would, but this is a more modern approach to the classic take. So picture this, Doomcrag Namira and Lethal Gambit met, f###ed, then we edited the embryonic DNA and just removed the Doomcrag from the equation. The final result is a miracle of life, completely suitable for emote trolling and pissing off everyone you meet.

Straight ballin' in ladder, gang signs.

Some tips:
- Don't blow your 1/1 Raiders. Use that to trigger Namira's Party unless DIRE circumstances. Cast Raiding Party early if you can for that next turn combo with ring and board control.
- Know when to break runes, you are not a Midrange.
- Learn how to count to three, include Namira's Shrine in that number if played that turn, EZ
- You are not a prophecy deck, mitigate damage when you can. I get turn 8-10 kills fairly often, but don't bet on it. But, sometimes, with this deck it is time to HIT FACE. A good player knows WHEN.
- Don't Mulligan like a pleb. Ideal hands consist of low cost cards, so fk opening hands with quicksilver crossbow, leaflurker, and anything that costs more than leaflurker.
- Try to line up a Falenesti Reaver combo, cuz it's hilarious ~Rocket Raccoon
- Occupy both lanes if you can. Lane hopping be damned!
- Learn how to use Mundus Stone, for example, nord firebrand + lethal, skaven pyro + lethal, and more...
- Learn how to count cards and use your mana wisely. Sometimes you might need to drop something you otherwise would not need to just to not overdraw, especially when you have 2-3 shrines out. It is okay, theres a Sovngarde in here. Be smart.

Update: Got me from rank 4 to rank 1 with maybe 8 hours in. So not great for the fast game.
Edit, Same night... legends now....

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I'm prolly gonna get banned for being angry on forums at least give me some +1s before it happens. Ive been consistently top 200 since beta and by gosh darn I have helped a lot of people out, you know who you are, lets see some fingers, thumb or middle, that's cool tooo
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dav0r 7 months ago
I know the feel

Master of Dun... 7 months ago
I am legends now with this. thank you!

Edit: Now #63 holy cow! I love you!
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acampbell11 7 months ago
tha king of mtha fkn archer!

Please tell the Gaming Commission that Alcohol and copious amounts of weed do not constitute performance enhancing drugs....

Start petition plz.....
Dude - this is a Kick-@ss deck!! I have been climbing the Versus Ranks steadily with it, and I can almost feel the frustration of my opponent coming thru the screen 🤣

I’ve used the Archer’s Gambit and Quicksilver Crossbow with Lethal combo in Decks before, but I love the Namira’s Shrine twist that you’ve created here. Sometimes it works TOO well and I end up losing cards to the discard pile due to having a Full Hand. That said, as long as you don’t lose the Journey to Sovengarde Card that way, it’s not really a problem.

Kudos on a great concept, and thanks for sharing!

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Really appreciate that comment man, and yeh always be vigilant in counting those hand cards.
Chakaxe 7 months ago
any suggestions if you don't have thieves guild fences??
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acampbell11 7 months ago
If you have ZERO fence, can add the following in their stead:

+1 Dushnik
+2 Brotherhood Slayer

EDIT: But I highly suggest at least get 1 or 2 fence
you win turn 8-10? so you must be going face then? I like the deck but must be playing it wrong... im playing it as control and not breaking runes?
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8-10 turn lethal happens more often than it should. But know the intention of the deck is not to kill that soon, so likely, you are not doing anything wrong.
ElWeedo666 7 months ago
incredible job, beast of a deck nearly always gets the job done... NASTY!
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acampbell11 7 months ago
novus actus interveniens
ToastieNL 7 months ago
The only thing I am not too keen on is how there's literally no life gain in the deck bar Mundus Stone. Besides that A TON OF FUN, thanks!
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acampbell11 7 months ago
I agree with you, that's my only quam too. Feel free to try some lifegain variant perhaps?

still stuntin top 100 tho
ToastieNL 7 months ago
I cut the Falinesti Reaver and BelliGiant for a Dushnik and that 2 mana 1/1charge lad with the 5/5 deathrattle. They ended up being dead cards in hand a bit too often. Might go back and add an Earthbone Spinner too.
Definitely a very fun deck to play! I've been journey'ing quite early (at like 25-20 cards left in deck) against Cosncription, is that how you play it too?
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acampbell11 6 months ago
You could also maybe consider adding some lifegain thats sustainable as well.

BUT i find the giants to be great in the midrange times to start flinging dirt in their eye, especially if i havent gotten namira rolling yet. The reaver is just in here for lolz, and when it works its worth having him.
Just registered legends-decks to say thanks & give +1. I play few games casually everyday and im already legend. Very creative & stupidly strong deck :)
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Thanks man. Hope we meet in game :)
Cheers again m8 likewise. Im around 500s now. Beat a bunch of top30-40 dudes. Im sure they were very frustrated :) I have removed 1x leaflurker and replaced it with belligerent giant as i had some issues vs some supports and sometimes u get 3 lurkers at a time and cant play any. For the healing i consider 1x quinrawl burglar (maybe 2x but not sure whom to replace 2nd with). will replace one with 1x belligerent giant. Will try that after monthly reset. It may come handy with pilfers thru archer or crossbow. It may gain charge thru stone etc.. and can make 1 round kills
acampbell11 6 months ago
I am #194 right now but i only log one maybe once every 3 days so
This is the most fun deck I’ve played with since I started playing the game. It’s incredibly powerful and makes climbing the ladder fun.
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@ Ryan ... Much love.. your comment makes me proud and thank you!
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