Keepers of the Alter

By: MattOblivium
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Posted: 6 months ago
Outdated (Mudcrab patch)
Crafting Cost: 16600crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

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Almerok 5 months ago

I was playing with an old version and had Greybeard Mentor in and Knight of the Hour. Stats-wise they aren't good, I know, but still effective. I also had 2 Night to Remember that added variety to all these "summon:"-creatures.

Any thoughts?
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Extra draw through Mentors could be coo, though you're removing defense to add it, same goes for Night to Remember, though this deck does have some crazy stuff to use those on.

Knight of the Hour just seems like a bad idea though, the whole premise of this deck is to level your Altar up as quickly as possible and the higher the chance that you get Cauldron Keepers the better. I've had multiple times where I got my Altar count up to 10 on turn 8 by having a Keeper out, then playing Altar, then getting another keeper and using it 3x in 1 turn, things get crazy.

Less variety is generally better so that you can actively predict what will happen on every altar use.
Paly_Noob 5 months ago
Hey Matt - love your decks.

I'm curious - if you were to update this deck would you add any from FrostSpark (and if so what would you remove?) or keep as is? Tks.
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I tried a Frostspark version, but Moose doesn't draw vs aggro and I really like having Shearpoint for the Shouts. So what happened was we tried removing that and the shouts for Apex wolf and it turned into a better deck vs control, but that's not really what this deck needed. :p

Though Swapping Jim for Moose can still be valid as Moose does at least have guard.
Great deck, I miss one Cauldron keeper so i add Odahviing and its still good but there are a lot of late game cards so maybe remove Tazkad for Odahviing its a good move? I'm thinking about add Dismantle too because the biggest problem for me is when the opponent plays support like Divine Fervor or shrines.

dedaio 3 months ago
This deck is insanely fun against control. So far I've won about 75% of my matchups against them.

Against aggro, however, I won 1 game out of 7. Any tips on how to beat aggro with this ? I understand that if you're lucky and you get a few word walls / drain vitality it's doable, but if you don't get that you have very little to survive aggro imo.
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