Clown Fiesta Control Tribunal

By: eyenie
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Posted: 6 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (Mudcrab patch)
Crafting Cost: 31400crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Not the final list, but I think it's strong for current ladder. Fervor -> Necro -> Atro is really powerful.

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looks like the prophecy midmage list before Echo Of Akatosh and Praetorian commander nerf.
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eyenie 6 months ago
It's the very old deck idea I played ~2 years ago, before 'akatosh' expansion: Play fervor and pray on prophecies.

Inezz finished #1 with similar list one or two seasons later.
Why not cast into time? and maybe barrow stalker instead of vigilant ancestor?
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eyenie 6 months ago
I didn't think about every possible option yet, just want to check how viable is this deck idea.
I don't like cast into time in this meta - conscriptions, agro hlaalu/crusader, warrior. Casts into time cost more than any of minions they play, so you lose tempo or you are already is much behind that u don't have time to play it to remove 1 minion.
Ancestors are great imo, you have executes/fireballs/negations and small 3cost guys to stop their small minions, you need something bigger to stop 3cost minions like mamoth.
Provi 6 months ago
Few questions I have:
1. The deck does not run Camel, meaning it's more tempo heavy. But wouldn't it run out of steam pretty soon against other control decks if you couldn't find Mastermind? Prophecy creatures are generally weak especially against control.
2. Galyn works well with Prophecy, and is a win con on its own with Necromancer. Why is it not included?
3. In your experience, when do you usually start taking field lane and go face with this deck?
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eyenie 6 months ago
1. You have several winconditions: 3 atros, 3 pathmages, fervors are great vs controls, fervor -> necrom -> atro. Have 3 dopplegangers. This deck is ok in late game. Camels are too slow for this kind of deck, you can't afford losing tempo when playing it, you already have a lot of low tempo cards.
2. I usually don't like galyn in 75 card decks, but it's ok to include it. It's really hard to start looping galyn -> necros -> galyn with 75 card deck without cycling. But makes sense to add it for additional prophecies.
3. You always fight for any lane opp wants to get, you're control deck. Going face depends on board position and your hand. If current board position is ok and you have enough good cards in hand (atros, pathmages, etc) to finish the game -> you go for it. Also there is an option to race with this deck on different lane, coz you have insane amount of prophecies.

P.S. I think this deck is worse than normal control tribunal, just another kind of control which is playable in agro meta and can win conscriptions by playing several atros.
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