#1 legend in 2d, Aggro Oathman redoran

By: gumchoo
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Posted: 1 year ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 16000crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I like warrior 2-3 drops but love crusader draw and reach, and the high tempo yellow 4 drops like cloudrest and hive defender. So this deck does that, it is crusader enough for consistant oathman activation which is good for icestorm resistance, along with fervor that does the same job, you can fight board early with purple drops than pivot to low tempo plays to draw or play fervor, or continue to press forward with your 5/5's, I feel it has more consistant reach than warrior even with 75 cards.

#1 legend on Nov 2 and still holding on on Nov 6....

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Can you explain a bit more how this deck works? I'm having some problems. I don't hit hard enough to finish opponents off before I run out of cards. Control decks are just destroying everything I put down and I typically get my opponent down to about 5-6 health and watch as they heal themselves up or lay down high damage creatures without me being able to do anything about it. There isn't much chance of drawing a prophecy to help at all and there isn't much in the deck that could turn the tides at this point. If you could throw a little more direction my way, I would appreciate it.
I played with this deck for a bit and won 4 out of 7 games so far.

Against control, be aggressive and hope they don't have removal. Don't give them two-for-one removal opportunities (reverberating strike, loading up one of your creates with weapons that they can remove with one card, playing too many things at once that die to ice storm, etc).

You have lots of ways of drawing cards. Most games running out of cards is not a problem for me. Are you throwing cards on the table without getting max value out of them? Simple examples: don't play crusader's assault unless you can kill another creature and hit them, drawing two cards in one swing. Don't play a scimitar on a guy unless it's going to win you the game or make a favorable trade, perhaps protecting one of your other damage-dealing creatures.

In general, you want to tempt them to play something in the field lane so you can use one of your combat tricks to get good value (scimitar, stormcloak vanguard, orc clan, cloudrest illusionist). If you mess up one trade, it could be enough to lose you the game if they can outrace you, so be careful of that.

You're right that once you start losing, it's hard to come back, so try to kill them before that happens :) Sometimes you have to use one of your card-drawing tricks and just hope to get lucky by drawing that scimitar or whatever you need to make that trade that will prevent you from losing.
Thank you, that's good advice. I'll see if I can implement it.
gumchoo 1 year ago
What I would say to that is against control I try to save reach and silence for the final kill, so instead of turn 4 dawn breaker to kill a guard, abandon lane and develop a 4 drop in the other lane and save reach, assault through guards is reasonable, if you have housecarl dont break runes the previous turns, I get then to 26 on turn 1,2,3, and then housecarl on 4 and break 2 runes., try not to play captain or trainer early, i play them on turn 6 with ash berzerker against control, dont over commit on icestorm turn,... mulligan for cultist against blue... hope this helps....
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