Spoiler Rager Crusader

By: Spoiler U Lose
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Posted: 6 days ago
Up to date (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 15600crystal
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Spoiler Rager Crusader

Alright so this deck has a 72% win rate. Just took me to rank 1 today. I have beaten quite a few legend rank players with it also so I am pretty confident it is capable of taking me all the way.

As I haven’t seen any definitive lists for the Rager Crusader, I decided to do this for you guys.

To let’s start with the strengths of this deck: It has tons of draw value, A huge amount of end game burst with unstoppable rage, Dagoth daggers and Sword of the inferno. As well as some pretty solid life gain in the form of ravenous hunger and apex wolf which then feeds drain to your other creatures.

There is a lot of insane combos as well such as: Crusader’s assault and unstoppable rage, Apex wolf into Odahviing or Craddle crush giant (personal favourite) and Morag Tong with sword of the inferno. Rage plus black dragon can also just wipe out some key cards from your opponent’s deck.

Another amazing thing about this deck is the ability to turn creatures into sweet-rolls and use of the night mother to maximise your damage with unstoppable rage.

Some downsides to this deck are: Early game creatures are susceptible to pings etc. They don’t really survive trades. You can actually overdraw your deck if you are not careful how you use certain combos. Temple tribunal decks can be difficult match-ups but not impossible.

Star surprise cards in this deck for me are: Crusader’s assault, Grisly Gourmet, Sword of the inferno and Dagoth dagger. There are some insane combos this deck can pull off and can even OTK out of nowhere. Although I prefere to apply early game pressure whilst keeping the rage strategy in mind due to Crusader’s insane ability to draw cards and keep up the pressure.

Mulligan for: Green pact ambusher, Ravenous Hunger and Thieves guild Shadow-foot. Unless you know a match up really well.

Here is the video of me taking this deck to rank 1 and playing against legend rank players on the feared Warrior classes:


PS: Yes, I make a lot of mistakes but still win. Proving this deck is so powerful I don’t even know how to fully tame it’s untapped potential. Enjoy crushing the opposition with Spoiler Rager Crusader!

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