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By: FierceInfinity
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Posted: 7 months ago
Updated: 1 month ago
Up to date (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 27150crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Have u come submit or come to cry

This is the list i´ve been using for months now.

4x top 5 finishes with this deck so far.

On paper the list seems pretty straight forward to play, but actually it is not that easy to play well. If people are interested i can write a guide how to play it.

If u have any questions feel free to ask :)



- Always try to mulligan a nice curve starting from 2 drop.

- Cultist is a always keep is u suspect that opponent is playing action heavy control, and it also can be pretty good against Hlaalu.

- Traitor and Stormcloak Vanguard is a strong start with the ring, as u can clear the token and develop a 5/5 next turn if needed.

- I usually keep the Hand if i have the ring.

- Always keep harpy against Telvanni

-The nuts with mulligan-

-Crown Quartermaster and Gambler is almost always a keep, 100% keep if u have the ring. It´s almost always better to play gambler to field with the ring after the QC unless u think opponent might have firebrand and scimitar for example. There are not many possibilities in this game for non control decks to get rid of it that early.

-Awakened Dreamer and Vigilant Ancestor are keep every time. If u can play Dres Renegade after Dreamer and Ancestor u usually win 90% of time that game. Oathman and Berserker are insane third cards here too.

-QC with Traitor or any other green two drop and Oathman is awesome early as u can have possible 5/5 on board turn 3.

Tips & Tricks

-If u have the board and have good cards to follow up then smorc always.

-Against aggro and other aggressive lists play defensively until u have the board and can stabilize. After that your opponent usually is low on cards and u have many options to keep the board clear the same time u develop more threats. At this state of the match dont hit your opponent unless u have lethal or a creature with drain.

-Save Cliff Racers for lethal burst or as a trade tool. As a fist rule, always develop another strong creature or creatures first before playing Racers if u can.

-U can silence your own Vig Ancestor to get a 5 xtra burst from board.

-U can B- giant back your charge creatures if u need that extra push for damage next turn or u can get gambler back for example to draw cards. These are situational cases and usually its better to bounce back something your opponent has.

-Cradlecrush Giant is insane against any token style deck and if u think opponent is playing tokens it might even be good to keep in mulligan if u dare :)

- If u have Cradlecrush try always to trap your opponent for huge tempo swings, for example against hlaalu if your opponent is in shadow with 2 health creatures, play to field to force him to play to shadow more creatures and then wipe out the whole lane with CandyCrush!

- Mace and Swift strike is insane damage for burst in t7 and u can heal 18 life with Hand via this. With Swift Strike u can take your opponent by surprise. Candycrush turn 6 and Mace and strike to Candy is 20 damage turn 7 from one creature.

-Always plan ahead what you are going to play next turn and what your opponent is possibly gonna do.

-Everything else is pretty much staple, but Earthbone Spinner is a flex spot and u can replace it with anything u like.

I hope you enjoy playing this deck and may the force be with you!

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love to see a guide for this. what makes it 'not easy to play well'?
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Hey there!

I can write the guide for tomorrow and explain why it is not that easy to master.

Of course more experienced players will know how to play it well, but there are things to consider and tips and tricks :)
cool look forward tot he guide. can you put some match up advice in there? also why the change to cliff racers?
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Awesome! I just had the racers wrong at first and corrected the list.
Blood dragons and mighty conjuring are the only cards i lack what can i use until i get em cause dagoth and hllalu are my go toos right now
Grizzzlyy 6 months ago
What’s up fierce? Sick deck mid Dagoth is my favorite unfortunately I have only 1 copy of mournhold traitor and 1 copy of withered hand cultist (only been playing for 3 months) I have everything else though . What would you replace those with ? I’m only a few wins from my first time hitting legend and was hoping to make the final push with your version of mid Dagoth.
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FierceInfinit... 6 months ago

Hey buddy and thanks!

hmm. it´s a tough call, Cultist is a tech card against control and Traitor is so good early game.

For missing Cultist´s i would choose, between keeper of whispers, Ash Opressor or both

And for Traitors i would go for any two drop u like and maybe from green color to keep the oathman happy. there really are no good substitute for both of these cards as they are necessary to keep the deck consistent, but i would probably be wild and choose Deranged Corprus :)

I recommend crafting the missing cards asap as they are key cards of the deck

I hope u hit legend soon and enjoy the deck! :)
Never mind i managed to get all the cards haha
Really strong deck. I coudn't find a big bad matchup. What have been the best and the worst matchups for you?

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Thank You.

The only match up that gives me gray hairs sometime is Tribunal. When they drop their removal on curve it´s hard to win. Otherwise tribunal is not that big of deal and u still win more than lose if not unlucky. Cultist is a key card to victory too when played early against tribunal or just before the icestorm.

It´s a superstrong deck against anything else i´ve faced on ladder so far.
Grizzzlyy 6 months ago
It wont let me reply to your initial reply to my first comment but hit legend with it today(: I ended up just crafting the traitors and one more WHC. Great deck.
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FierceInfinit... 6 months ago
Awesome to hear that! Im glad that you are enjoying the deck!
And thank you :)
jollyjoes 6 months ago
I'm curious about something...
Why does Breton Conjurer (and his friend Skaven) see so much play in Mid BM, and so little in Mid Dagoth?
I really enjoy playing both types, and hope that a good explanation will improve my play with both :)
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Mid BM is 50 cards so u have the ping and conjurer more often in hand in other words the combo of Breton Conjurer and the ping is not enough consistent in 75 cards deck imo. So often BC is just a dead card in hand unless u play it naked on board and it´s still only 1/1 creature that is easily removed with silence etc..

I would play Breton Conjurer more likely in Control Dagoth with lethal creatures

I hope this helps :)
jollyjoes 6 months ago
This does help, thanks fierce!
Naked BC is a no-no, this I have learnt too often :)
Control will negate it, aggro will spinner it, either way you wasted t4...
I will think more about consistency 50 vs 75 in my future deck building adventures, thanks mate.
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I am glad that i was able to provide help, you are welcome :)
zenfish 6 months ago
Obviously strong... but can you say why Aspect of Hircine over Dagoth Ur?
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FierceInfinit... 6 months ago
Dagoth ur is too slow for this deck and when u draw him early he´s a dead card in your hand and the deck already have so much burst so playing UR here is just greed. And also the gameplan with this deck is to win before turn 10.

Dagoth UR fits a lot better in control decks.
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