F*ck yo shit Midrange Sorc

By: Alphanegro
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Posted: 5 months ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 18500crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Don't want to join the degenerate Telvanni's? Still have PTSD from pre-Nerf Hlaalu(still strong af)? Hate control? Tired of brain-dead aggro?

Well here is my version of midrange sorc guaranteed to make you climb, one way or another. If you can read this, then you have enough brain-cells to not do retarded shit with this deck.

Broke or F2P player?
Sorry go netdeck some starter deck, and be sure not to play that retarded Telvanni.

Indoril? Why Indoril? Isn’t Indoril “Garbage”? Is Indoril even a card? Wow, garbage player, worst deck ever.

Exactly, when was the last fucking time you saw this guy? 8 mana 6/6 guard with the ability to wipe a lane clean. Hmmm, what two decks are being played profusely in ladder? I don’t know, maybe TELVANNI or HLAALU? And are they going to keep their silence for who is that guy again, Indolel? Indorerl? Probably doesn’t even exist anyways.

Don't know if this deck is good or not? Don't worry, if you are below rank 5, you probably can't afford it. If you are 5 or above, you probably have enough brain cells to realize which cards to replace to your liking. You will also realize that the answer you are seeking is within this deck.

Good Luck.

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bli161 5 months ago
Damn, I like this introduction!
LemonStealer2... 5 months ago
Really interesting take on the traditional midrange sorc style. I assume this is more geared towards the destruction of telvanni and hallalu but unfortunately, I did not play against them. Still did fairly well with Indoril/Galyned performing incredibly well.
I played a variation without twilight(too many 4 drops) in favor of sithis but I can see how it can be strong vs the two decks. Why mentors ring though? They seem like dead cards to me.
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Silvestro 5 months ago
Mentor's Ring on Barrow Stalker can save your ass not just once :P you can imagine how drain can work on blowing up Indoril ;)
I really respect some of your choices. Also love the write-up. I don't think this is the "correct" way to do mid sorc but still, mad respect for thinking outside the box. Well done.
ToastieNL 5 months ago
Indoril Archmage is actually surprisingly good in this, hahaha! I've played this for a few hours and it's won a few vs. Warrior games right on the spot :-)!
Sav0s_Aren 5 months ago
I think the deck is not aggressive enough for Blackworm Necro. 2 x Royal sage is OK as even if it doesn't proc 4 cost 4/4 is not that terrible. But Necro is too situational. Without proc 6 cost 4/4 is terrible.
Wind Keep Spellsword is just too good not to include in basically any mid-sorc.
It may be just a personal preference but Sixth House Amulet is also an MVP in mid sorc.
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I like how the author spent time writing that intro but people still post this stuff. Makes you feel if they can read, especially the last paragraph.
ClobberingTime wrote:
I like how the author spent time writing that intro but people still post this stuff. Makes you feel if they can read, especially the last paragraph.
Just because they basically wrote you can replace anything with what you like what's your problem with people posting constructive feedback?
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