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Posted: 6 days ago
Updated: 4 days ago
Up to date (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 24600crystal
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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. :-)

My name is Nolyn. I play games as Bettorup. I live in North Dakota, USA. I'm a musician by trade and a hopeless strategy-game nut by choice. I play quite a bit of TESL, poker, chess, and MTG. I've been happily married for a year and I have a male cat named Gigi. They're both pretty darn awesome.

I like to brew 'brilliant' decks that usually end up sucking ass. When those decks fail and I'm sad, I always turn to my trusty Telvanni Midrange and take it to legend every time. I've been taking iterations of this list to legend since the birth of 75-card Telvanni itself. My season goal is around 200-ish legend, around which I usually switch to Versus Arena to finish it out. One of these days I'll make a real push for top legend. It's just hard to keep up with the 8+ hour per day grinders, so I won't even bother trying until I know I can put that kind of time in. Who knows when that will be...

Anyway, I've shared a similar list in the past, but thought I should update, since it's been a few months. If you're looking for a good Telvanni list that doesn't rely on Conscription as a win-condition, you're in the right place.

This deck is incredibly solid and extremely flexible throughout its various match ups. It's like the great Bruce Lee once said: "Be like water, my friend."


Depending on your hand and the board state, you can decide to either grind out card advantage or push a board advantage for damage with a 2 - 3 turn lethal. Timing is key. With proper execution, correctly choosing which of these two strategies has the greatest potential in your match up will often lead to a high victory percentage (I'm between 70 and 75 percent W/R every month with this deck). Generally, I don't break runes in this matchup until I'm sure I will at least have steady pressure for a few turns.


Mulligan for cheap removal and/or creatures and sometimes icestorm (depending on the specific matchup). Don't keep anything that costs more than 3 magicka in your opener (or sometimes viper, depending on the matchup).

Just try to keep at parity for the first 5 or so turns. Don't be afraid to 1-for-1 your cards for your opponents', especially when facing the temptation of trying to get max value. Use the ring liberally to keep up tempo. You will often draw enough cards to justify losing value here or there. You can even 2-for-1 yourself on occasion if you have to in order to keep a healthy life total. Eventually, you will kill all their stuff (via removal and good trades), fill up both lanes with your own sweet stuff and kill them in one or two turns.


This category is the broadest of all and therefore the hardest to give general advice for. When you play against Warrior these days, it could be combo or midrange. By that I mean the lethal/slay combo deck (Thanks Justin Larson) or good old-fashioned fatty midrange. In either case, I prefer to focus on early board control into card draw (no rune breaking), looking to eventually close the game in two or three turns. As for mulligans, I like to err on the side of caution versus warrior, mulliganing for fatty-removal.

Telvanni mirrors could also be midrange or combo decks.Versus Telvanni, I usually lean toward ramp/card draw in my mulligans. It's definitely a battle of attrition most matches. It's good to be the one with more cards/possibilities.

Anyway, that's all I've got to say for now. If you have any questions on specific card choices, feel free to ask. I'd love to talk shop about this deck. She's my baby after all.

If you play the deck and you dig it, please give me a shout. i'd love to hear from you.

If you're interested in watching me stream this and other decks, you can do so by following me here on twitch.

Thanks for reading and good luck in your games!

- Nolyn (a.k.a Bettorup)

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