East Empire Strikes Back (Top 30 Legend) v3

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Posted: 10 months ago
Updated: 10 months ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 21550crystal
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My name is Nolyn. I go by the handle Bettorup. I play and produce music for a living and games for fun up here in good old Bismarck, North Dakota, USA.

Welcome to my first ever Tribunal home-brew deck-writeup. I'll write a bit about the deck, followed by a look at the card choices. But first... the dream.

THE DREAM (a.k.a. magical fantasy land where nothing ever goes wrong):

Turn 1: Mudcrab
Turn 2: Two-drop
Turn 3: East Empire Crafter
Turn 4: TWO turn-four double siege catapults, making two 6/6 guards in the same turn.
Turn 5: lol

General overview:

This is a mid-range deck. It's made up of 2/3 creatures and 1/3 removal. Generally, in most games you want to establish an early board presence and build upon it slowly, along side removal and card draw, followed by going for a one or two turn lethal at the right moment. Games are often won or lost by attacking face too early or too late. Do the right thing. Mostly in life, but also with this deck.

Against Aggro: Mulligan for cheap creatures/removal. Stay alive. Don't break runes if you can help it. Win by running them out of resources, drawing cards, and eventually filling a board with fat guards that can win in one or two turns.

Against Control/Midrange/Combo: Try to keep pro-active hands. It's hard to win with two removal spells and an 8-drop in your opener. Depending on your hand and the board state, it can be correct to continuously push damage and snowball 3 or 4 rotating threats to victory. Other times, it's better to play it safe and grind out card advantage. Knowing your matchups and how your hand will likely play out against your opponent is key. Make your attacking decisions based on a long-term strategy and execute it once you have a nice board, along side a sweet follow up in your hand.

Card choices:

Execute/Firebolt: Great pieces of cheap removal. Use them wisely and ideally after you have some sort of board presence rolling. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. I understand.

Mudcrab Merchant: A cheap creature that replaces itself with another card that is hopefully better than the one you give your opponent. Great in conjunction with firebolt or just setting up better trades with your opponents creatures in the future. Also a prime target for Wispmother.

Ald Velothi Assassin: Excellent two drop that does all the things and for cheap. Love it.

Barrow Stalker: The best 2-cost creature you can play after your opponent drops Goblin Skulk. Easy game.

Seyda Neen Courier: The one-of inclusion may seem a bit odd, but it seems just right to me. It's a cheap, flexible utility card that has recursive value via Odirniran Necromancer and can push 6 extra damage on a lethal turn via Wispmother. Helps make good tempo trades. I like having one in the deck. Cutting it is probably fine too.

Shrieking Harpy: Awesome 2-drop in every single mage deck. No different here.

Siege Catapult: The dream card to drop after East Empire Crafter. Sure, it has downside, but even sitting alone in a lane, it's still a constant threat your opponent has to be wary of. It often gets removed and for good reason. Just remember, your opponent is often spending 1-2 cards and 4 or more magicka to deal with it. That's great tempo for us.

Sorcerer's Negation: Best two cost removal card in the game. Try not to 2-4-1 yourself too much.

Wardcrafter: A flexible, amazing two drop. One of the best in the game.

Dark Guardian: Helps protect your vulnerable little guys and can single handedly stop two 4/4s from dealing any damage to you. That's pretty sweet. Also triggers East Empire Crafter, which doesn't seem like much, but having a 3/6 body guard instead of a 2/5 can be the difference between winning and losing a game. A 2/5 or a 3/6 guard for 3 magicka is a good deal either way.

East Empire Crafter (EEC): A 2/4 body for three magicka = already a solid inclusion. It's ability can be absolutely back-breaking for your opponent if left unchecked. Don't worry about getting max value on this card. You can always get it back later with Necromancer. All this for a 3-magicka investment. Solid.

Reverberating Strike: Solid removal card. Hard to imagine running less than 3. In fact, my first version of this deck also had two 'crushing blows' in it. I really liked having 5 copies of 3-damage removal, but it's a bit too reactive for my tastes.

Archcanon Saryoni: Great in this deck. Exalt if you can.

Bleakcoast Troll: The 2nd best follow-up to EEC. Great at value-trading or hurting the face.

Edict of Azura: The cheapest, most versatile removal card in the game.

Elusive Schemer: Great in decks like this that need card draw, as well as extra bodies to help turn on siege catapult.

Lightning Bolt: Yup. Still awesome.

Lucien Lachance: Another big-butt for EEC. Ability is sometimes great in a deck like this.

The Black Dragon: Already over-statted. Can also become a 6/6 guard from EEC.

Ayrenn: She does it all at a reasonable cost. Another 6/6 guard from EEC

Cast Into Time: Removal

Chanter of Akatosh: Helps turn your removal into threats for huge tempo swings. Play him along side removal on the same turn if you can. Get him back via necromancer for extra spicy turns.

Hallowed Deathpriest: Rockstar in the meta from what I can tell. Imagine turn 9, we use the ring to play Chanter into Cast into Time, hitting Hallowed Deathpriest or Ayrenn. That's a pretty awesome turn, especially if you somehow still have EEC on board.

Bandit Ringleader: Another potential 4/6 guard with huge upside to draw you a bunch of cards. One-of feels right.

Cicero the Betrayer: 2/7 lethal guard with EEC on board. Card draw is very important in control and midrange matchups.

Immolating Blast: Turn 11 combo with Chanter of Akatosh to pull Cicero, Necromancer, or Bandit Ringleader from your deck onto the battlefield. Also a great surprise weapon against a stacked lane.

Odirniran Necromancer: All-star. What do you need? Necro has you covered. Valuetown: Population: You.

Nahagliv: Still great. Not really played anymore though since viper became a thing. Still great though. Pull it out for free on turn 12 with a Chanter/Spirit Knife combo.

Spirit Knife: Expensive removal, but draws you a card. It's a stay-ahead card more than a come-from-behind card. It will get most jobs done and is monstrous with a Chanter on board (Nahagliv or Wispmother)

Wispmother: Another odd one-of. Maybe it's just because I like her. She's a fun card. Some of the most fun I remember having during my early days of playing TESL. Worst case-scenario, she's a must-kill threat for your opponent to deal with. Best case of filling your lanes with 2 drops is decent (see conscription).

Ancano: Does that Ancano stuff that's always amazing.

Dawn's Wrath: Does what you need it to do in a lot of matchups. I like having only two copies in a deck like this. Three isn't the worst I'm sure. Just not what I prefer.

Indoril Archmage: Target 8-drop (along side Ancano) for those god-like moments when you have a Chanter in play and get to Dawn's wrath the opposite lane. Part of me wants to cut Miraak for a second copy because it almost always shuts down a lane permanently for your opponent. That's pretty amazing for 8 magicka.

Miraak, Dragonborn: Steals your opponents best thing. Feelsgoodman.

Anyway, there you go. My first full deck write-up. Now I need to sleep. Thank you for reading. As always, let me know if you have any questions or if you want to be my friend. I'm nice and if you are too than maybe we can be friends.

If you liked this article, will you please thumbs-up the deck? I would greatly appreciate it.

If you play the deck and have good or bad results, please share your experiences with me. I'd love to hear about them.

Also, I've been trying to stream my games more often. You can find and/or follow me here on twitch.tv/bettorup. I hope to see you there someday!

Thanks for reading.

"May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house." - George Carlin


Version 2 update:

Miraak, Dragonborn is too slow vs. aggro.
I think Piercing Javelin is just better in this kind of deck.
Ice Storm can help get us back on track against some decks.

Version 3 update:

This update is a pretty substantial overhaul to the original list, but the heart is the same. The biggest change is getting rid of Chanter of Akatosh and Chanter targets/spells. In my heart, this is an East Empire deck and so I want to make that card as good as possible. Chanter is certainly fun and I might make a deck just for him, but for now I'm moving on from the idea in favor of making a more synergistic creature-focused mid-range deck. Man that sounded nerdy.

I found myself in a lot of matchups with expensive and dead cards in my hand, hoping to draw a creature to to trigger with EEC. Then it occurred to me that Pit Lion can become a 3-magicka 6/6 guard in some cases. Adding a few tokens could help make it playable. Tokens also help with Siege Catapult of course. Divine Fervor helps turn Young Mammoth into a 3-magicka 6/6 guard in the late game. It also does all the other good board pump stuff.

I've also realized that a big part of me just hates being overly reactive. Honestly, I'm not really a control player at heart. My favorite MTG archetype is probably tempo/burn Red/Blue type decks. In general, if I had to pick between having a creature or removal, I'd rather have a creature. Nothing is worse that sitting on 5 spells that need specific targets before I can get good enough value to play them, when I could just be playing a threat and seizing the initiative myself.

I also swapped out Ald Velothi Assassin for Wind Keep Spellsword. I don't think the difference is all that huge and if you said one was better than the other in this deck, I couldn't argue. I just like the extra protection ward offers when I'm trying to build a board/keep catapult active.

Speaking of ward, High King Emeric is another great EEC target with obvious potential ward synergy. There isn't a ton of ward in the deck, but a potential for a 6/6 ward guard that deals two damage for 6 magicka is pretty awesome.

I'm really torn on wanting either Firebolt and/or Execute in the deck. It really depends on the meta and what decks are the most popular. I've been seeing a lot more token decks at higher legend lately, and so having removal for Fifth Legion Trainer in Execute gets the nod.

Also, Fifth Legion Trainer is an amazing card and you don't need to try too hard to talk me into playing 3 copies.

The rest of the update should be pretty self explanatory. Slim the curve and be more proactive/aggressive. You still have to play to your matchup, but it's a bit easier to do when building a board and going face is always an option. Win on turn 6 or 7 or 15! It's up to you.

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I enojyed the reading very much. Unfortunately it seems that I need +11000 soul gems to make a deck like yours...
BETTORUP 10 months ago
Update: This deck does not do well against tokens, which is only a problem if they are a large part of the meta. Will likely test ice storms soon.
Interesting. I've been testing the Crafter in mid tribunal before and performs quite well. Your take on it seems quite more controlly, i like it, will test as soon as possible.
dedaio 10 months ago
Played the deck 14 times now. Won 8, lost 6. It's good against mid range and control, but I get DESTROYED by aggro. Completely chanceless :/

very fun and original deck though.
1 Reply
BETTORUP 10 months ago
Hey thanks for the comment! Sorry to hear you're getting housed. The deck has been updated with ice storms. Depending on where you are on the ladder, you may run into heavier midrange/control or heavier aggro decks. Against a majority of aggro decks, this list might not be the best choice (but with ice storms, it might still work). In an aggressive meta, I would recommend my Telvanni list. It's pretty good at stabilizing. Good luck!
Skyrealm1 9 months ago
I tried it (V3), loose 2 times (bad luck on start against aggro redoran and mid weaponned Battlemage) in fierce struggle and win 2 times with an indecent ease (mid-control tribunal and wtf archer). I need to pratice it more on unranged duel. This deck is really sensible to first draw. If you have luck on start your foe is doomed (quickly doomed) ; with bad luck on start you feel pain in your bottom area.
Not the better deck i saw, but one of the funniest.
I think i will try to recreate your V2. Because chanter is fun and because i did not even draw an EEC on my last win, There are better chances to draw an EEC or a Chanter combo than only an EEC combo, especially with 75 cards.
Love your style man, continue the good work.
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