“Fake” Aggro (With Guide)

By: PHJ101
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 18500crystal
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Having fun and success with this midrange Hlaalu (called “Fake Aggro as it shares a lot of early game in common with typical aggro Hlaalu, hence probably causing your opponent to start screaming at their screams because they were playing around aggro, when it is not). This is basically a combination between Crusader, Archer and Monk - who all have classical mid decks which are starting to make a comeback. This deck plays similarly to any midrange deck - play for the board, wing defensive against aggro and aggressive against combo and control.

Card Choices:

Rapid shot and Shadow Shift: Utility cards with cycle. Rapid Shot can help break wards, Shadow Shift can surprise the opponent or help you avoid bad trades.

Bruma Profiteer: Strong stat-line with an match-winning ability against aggro. Auto-include.

Cleric of Kyne: Prophecy, helps make good trades or just a solid early game drop

Mournhold Traitor: Massive stats. Vanguard, Gourmet or Hlaalu Sharpshooter can mitigate the downside

Rift Thane: Can defend or attack when needed, great stats either way.

Stormhold Vanguard: Cheap removal, puts a powerful card in hand.

Thieves Guild Recruit: Midrange or not, deck still focuses on draw. Thieves Guild is a must.

Brotherhood Slayer: Great prophecy, decent from hand. Solid overall card.

Crusaders Assault: Probably best draw card in the game. Also disrupts combat maths.

Dawnstar Healer: Again, devastating against aggro. It’s inefficiency against control means I only run 2 (plus I only own 2).

Eastmarch Crusader: Almost on-curve stats with card draw mid-late game. Great card.

Grisly Gourmet: Barrow Stalker, Daggerfall Mage, Goblin Skulk, the list goes on.

Hlaalu Oathman: Insane value when fully triggered, though with all of the willpower in the deck it is not easy. Will probably replace with legendaries like Ahnassi when I get them.

Morkul Gatekeeper: Prophecy, can push damage or make favourable trades.

Cloudrest Illusionest: Can screw your opponent over from hand. Seriously, why is this a Prophecy in addition?

Hive Defender: It’s a willpower deck.

Cliff Racer: 4 points of reach, great trading tool. Couldn’t ask for more.

Light of the Three: Can completely blow your opponent out if you have a full lane. Underrated card.

Piercing Javelin: Having removal is always nice, particularly as a Prophecy can remove guard blocking opponent’s face or stall aggro.

Golden Saint and Triumphant Jarl: Both are devastating against control, less so aggro. I am saving up for Forgotten Hero and will replace one of them for Cradlecrush Giant when I get it. Not sure which one yet.

Belligerent Giant: Either a massive tempo swing or can screw up your oppenent’s support game and put a lot of power on the board. Powerful late game drop.

The other Unique Legendaries should be pretty self-explanatory. I decided to run Duke, as the other Hlaalu cards didn’t excite me.


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