A More Traditional Control Tribunal Deck

By: CraniusMaximus
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 29950crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Hey guys! Cranius Maximus here. I've had an on and off relationship with this game, but I've always loved tribunal, and I found a list that managed to make it to legend against all types of decks. With it, I've conquered everything from mid sorc to ramp warrior to aggro hlaalu and dagoth.

This finalized version has gone through roughly 100 different iterations, and I welcome any recommendations or comments. My thinking when building the deck was to emphasize a few key traits, which I believe are strengths:
Early life gain tools with Bruma Profiteer, Apex Wolf, Barrow Stalker, Mages Trick, and Archannon

Relatively high prophecy count with Mummify, Lightning Bolts, Fate Weavers, and Piercing Javelins.

Ability to dismantle combo decks with full sets of Piercing Twilight and Cast Into Time. In a pinch, I've found Piercing Twilight serves well as a midgame guard to supplement Hive Defender.

Must-answer lategame threats: namely Blood Magic Lord and Sotha Sil.

Decent Draw: I've been able to outdraw Telvanni in some instances. Apex Wolf has been particularly efficacious in producing a card advantage.

Surprising Beat Down Ability: This was a more serendipitous discovery. With a Phalanx Exemplar, Apex Wolf, or Blood Magic Lord on the board, the deck's ability to take initiative has surprised me.

I've found the deck struggles against support-oriented opponents, because only four support removal sources exist. This makes Doomcrag Warrior and Support Mage particularly challenging.

I've teched single copies of Dawn's Wrath, Memory Wraith, and Shadowfen Priest. These are interchangeable with other cards, but I like having the comfort of an extra support removal, and and one last out against decks that try to mill themselves, if you haven't already slowed them down with Cast Into Time or Piercing Twilight.

Noteable Inclusions:

I know not all lists run him, but I think he's worth slotting in. Piercing Twilight has helped me steer some endgames toward winning positions by targeting silences and removal effects, i.e. Earthbone Spinner, Hlaalu Sharpshooter, Shadowfen Priest, etc.

Chodala's Treachery: I've found that this card takes many opponents by surprise, and that the plot is surprisingly easy to trigger. At turn 12, you can remove or suspend a threat with Shrieking Harpy or Mummify, then turn the tables with a good steal. The deck also only runs two, so you shouldn't have them clogging up your hand all the time. I've even been in rare situations where it was the only removal available, and I used it to clear a last-minute guard to win some games! In my opinion, an underrated card.

Thanks for reading/viewing the deck!

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grix15 5 months ago
I like the deck, seems sweet. I'd like to test it but I'm missing a few of the more expensive cards atm so I'll have to give it a go once I've crafted them, as they are all on my to-do list. Haha.

Very cool. Thanks for sharing it with me!
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No problem mate! I know it's a little expensive! I'll be releasing a control Hlaalu list shortly, which I hope will be a bit cheaper!
grix15 5 months ago
CraniusMaximus wrote:
No problem mate! I know it's a little expensive! I'll be releasing a control Hlaalu list shortly, which I hope will be a bit cheaper!

Great. I've been looking to try Hlaalu! I'll keep an eye out for it.
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