Mana Curve

0 3 12 12 15 3 1 4

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Ward 13
Guard 12
Slay 3
Prophecy 3
Breakthrough 1
Rally 0
Regenerate 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Wax 0
Wane 0
Pilfer 0
Drain 0
Charge 0
Betray 0
Exalt 0
Last Gasp 0
Assemble 0
Lethal 0
Plot 0


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Mighty Deathcrafter

By: Lyra
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Posted: 5 months ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 17550crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Midrange deck playing around high-stats with a penalty cards, East Empire Crafter, Dres Renegade, and Mighty Conjuration.

Often decks running the cards Siege Catapult, Corrupted Shade, and Imprisoned Deathlord will also include many cards offering silence, such as Supress, Cursed Spectre, and Knife to the Throat. These decks can perform well, because the creatures who need to be silenced are so powerful for their cost. The problem is that these decks become dependent on both drawing the creatures they need to silence early enough to play them on curve (otherwise they can't maximize their value) and the cards they need to silence them the turn after.

This means that in the absence of the other category, all cards from one category are dead cards in your hand or on the board until you find the other. Furthermore it means the deck is flooded with suboptimum cards even if they are drawn in time.

And finally, most of these cards cost 4 mana, which means the deck often gains too many 4 cost cards obligating them to remove other more conventionally useful cards in the process.

This deck tries to answer all of these problems by finding different solutions to the penalties inherent in the otherwise efficient creatures.

Dres Renegade is not a new solution to Imprisoned Deathlord's shackle penalty, but it helps that it also fixes Vigilant Ancestor's penalty at the same time. Compare this, a 4 cost 4-4 guard, to Cursed Spectre, a 4 cost 2-2 creature which offers nothing if you don't have a card that needs to be silenced.

East Empire Crafter does not remove the penalties of these cards, but relaxes the need to remove them at all. This card gives Siege Catapult, Corrupted Shade, and Imrpisoned Deathlord +1/+1 and guard, enabling them to be at least defensively useful until their penalties can be removed. Furthermore Dark Guardian and Bleakcoast Troll, conventionally useful cards, also benefit from this card's buff.

Sixth House Amulet is already often used to circumvent Corrupted Shade's self-destructive penalty. In this deck it also gives Siege Catapult, Vigilant Ancestor, Bleakcoast Troll, Dres Renegade, Imprisoned Deathlord, Shadowfen Priest, and any creature in the deck other than Mages Guild Recruit equipped with Daggerfall Mage's Tome of Alteration a ward.

The point is that this card, already used to help one specific card collaterally has the effect of helping others. One major weakness of all creatures relying on having high stats for their cost is that they're particularly susceptible to lethal, often provided by even cheaper cards. So giving an Imprisoned Deathlord a ward could enable it to not be ruined by a 2 cost Fighters Guild Recruit, for example. This is important since none of these creatures have breakthrough to deal damage anyway to offset their demise.

And finally, Mighty Conjuration is already becoming a staple finishing in many midrange decks. Here it fulfills the dual purpose of both offering a finishing option and making use of an otherwise worthless creature. Vigilant Ancestor is already often used as a cheap way to set up cards with 5+ power requirement effects, but it is often easily removed since it only has 4 hp. In this deck, anything Sixth House Amulet can give a ward to and anything buffable by East Empire Crafter other than Dark Guardian can all fulfill Mighty Conjuration's requirement.

This means that Most creatures in this deck all set up a Lava Atronach to pop out of Mighty Conjuration, so the deck will never struggle to find such a creature. It's not reliant a one single cheap option or on several expensive options. Furthermore, an otherwise inoperable Siege Catapult or Imprisoned Deathlord are made useful while they await the removal or fulfillment of their penal-condition since they enable Mighty Conjuration to add an additional, greater threat.

And so the ramification of all of these card interactions is that you can run a more conventional midrange deck without obsessing over finding specific cards in a specific order. You can play Vigilant Ancestor as soon as you find him, not needing to hold him in hand to set up Mighty Conjuration. A Shadowfen Priest silencing a Corrupted Shade in danger of self destructing becomes a threat on its own when equipped with Sixth House Amulet. A permanently Imprisoned Deathlord who can't find a break, a silence, or a Dres Renegade lying helplessly on your board remains an asset by setting up a Mighty Conjuration. The Siege Catapult whose lane you can't fill and whom you can't find a silence for can become an incredibly efficient guard when played after an East Empire Crafter. And the possibilities go on almost endlessly. And all the while you never run the risk of drawing a potentially useless and tempo breaking Cursed Spectre or Knife to the Throat, instead leaving the deck free to run Lightning Bolt without being overly bloated by 4 drops.

The advantage this deck has over other Catapult/Deathlord decks is obvious. However it also has advantages over conventional midrange Sorcerer decks. Usually those kind of decks typically run exclusively aggressive cards like Young Mammoth and Haunting Spirit, relying on playing difficult to remove threats on curve or successively. They do this at the cost of defensive options to enable them to race other aggressive decks. They also struggle to topdeck useful threats if their board is ever wiped, relying instead of maintaining great momentum.

Compared to those decks, this deck has solutions to both mentioned major weaknesses. Vigilant Ancestor and Dres Renegade serve dual purposes in supporting Mighty Conjuration and shackled cards like Imprisoned Deathlord respectively while also serving as efficient guards. This enables them to both help the deck apply its damage and defend against the enemy's damage. And since East Empire Crafter can give most creatures guard, cards that in other decks could only be offensive gain defensive assets as well.

And finally, since the deck runs these huge but cheap creatures, if fought to a topdecking standstill this deck is likely to find threats which with to restore its attacking momentum.

Note that both Mages Guild Recruit and Sorcerer's Negation could if you wanted be replaced with Falling Wizard. This creature is playable in this deck thanks to East Empire Crafter. I have omitted it because it is almost only playable if you also have East Empire Crafter, a dependency this deck has explicitly tried to avoid. However, since the Experimental Scrolls will either apply burst damage to the enemy (and yourself admitedly), which could give you lethal damage, or they will apply aoe damage to the enemy's board, which could help you win a race against an otherwise faster deck such as Hlaalu or tokens, or they finally could give your in-play creatures random keywords which could either suddenly give you lethal damage through charge or prevent the enemy from killing your creatures with ward, etc, Falling Wizard could therefore still be useful in the case where you cannot combo it with Crafter.

I value Mages Guild Recruit moderately highly in decks running Mighty Conjuration, since the only way to make a card more threatening is to put it into play sooner. And it can serve a dual purpose here in filling up a lane to enable a Siege Catapult to attack without a silence.

I also value Sorcerer's Negation because it serves the dual purpose of resorting to solving the conditional creatures' problems with silence as well as removing enemy threats or guards.

That being said, I think both cards are replaceable if you have something in mind. If you want to replace them but don't like Falling Wizard, the other suitable replacements I can think of are Temple Conjurer, Barrow Stalker, Dragontail Savior, or Wind Keep Spellsword.

Another crafting note: Corrupted Shade could be swapped out for Stronghold Eradicator, Piercing Twilight, Mystic Dragon, or Royal Sage. I like Corrupted Shade, but if you either don't have him or don't want him and choose to swap him out I would recommend removing Sixth House Amulet too. That item can improve High King Emeric's on-summon damage or greatly benefit many other creatures in the deck as mentioned before, but ultimately its primary function is assisting Corrupted Shade. If you remove it you could add in one of the more conventional Sorcerer creatures of Young Mammoth or Haunting Spirit.

Daggerfall Mage is certainly not necessary to the deck should you either lack the card or not value her in a meta full of silences. She's nice here because Tome can set up 5+ power requirements and her ward can strengthen Emeric's on-summon damage, but ultimately she could be replaced by Young Mammoth or Haunting Spirit.

I think Mighty Conjuration is the strongest possible 7 cost card in midrange Sorcerer right now, and I have explained how the presence of this card in this deck makes many of the other cards here more useful in that they could fulfill the 5+ power requirement. That being said, if you lack any copies and can't craft them (I think it's very worth crafting if you can), the older Bone Colossus is still probably the next best thing if you have that instead. Note that Dark Guardian and Imprisoned Deathlord are both Skeletons and will be buffed by the Colossus.

Often 50-card decks will only run two copies of Shadowfen Priest. I think it's important to run three copies here because despite all I said about avoiding the dependency issue between these double-edged creatures and silence, silence is still the easiest way to remove their penalties. Shadowfen Priest is the greatest silence option since it puts an almost-respectable body into play at the same time. A turn 3-4 Imprisoned Deathlord into a turn 4-5 Shadowfen Priest is probably the strongest possible early game sequence this deck could run-- putting 11-11 into play for only 9 mana where 7 damage can attack instantly. Stats-wise this is comparable to playing three Young Mammoths simultaneously, a card so powerful that it is normally a staple of midrange Sorcerer, except that takes an extra card and none of those can attack until the following turn.

Crafting this deck would be a nightmare for someone with a weak collection; sorry for that. I've offered suggestions for mediating that cost previously, but ultimately many of these cards are unconventional, and so I can't recommend that a newer player craft most of these cards. If you have most of the deck and want additional suggestions on card replacements, just ask.

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Excelent guide booyyy!!! I'll ask u later about some replacements :))
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