Bringer of Houses

By: Lyra
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Posted: 5 months ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 20950crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Control deck playing for a Unite the Houses victory.

The advantage in playing a two-attribute class over a House deck is an increase in consistency. This deck already has plenty of tools for finding cards of every attribute, so there's little advantage to be gained from running a House deck just because it guarantees you have access to another attribute's cards.

Blackmail, Madness Beckons, Moment of Clarity, Thieves Guild Shadowfoot, Moonmoth Castellan, Riften Pickpocket, Shivering Apothecary, Orb of Vaermina, Bringer of Nightmares, Jarl Balgruuf, and Miraak can all give you cards from other attributes. Notably Apothecary, Bringer, Balgruuf, and Miraak all directly put these cards into play instead of requiring another turn to play them from hand.

Most of these cards are typical control cards or are options not uncommon to control Mage decks. What's different is that there is a greater concentration of RNG cards to fuel the deck's victory condition.

Therefore step 1 is surviving the enemy's plans. Moment of Clarity and Riften Pickpocket give you choices on which card to take-- don't be greedy if you're fighting an aggressive deck. Trust that the deck will give you plenty of chances to pick up a card from every attribute and select the card that keeps you alive instead of the one that might help you win if you happen to stabilize later.

Once you've broken the enemy's attack and have stabilized you can relax and start exclusively finding the remaining attributes you need to find victory.

Note that Laaneth is the only card in the deck which draws cards from the deck-- all other forms of card draw generate or steal new cards. Laaneth will usually be used to draw either Unite the Houses or Jarl Balgruuf. The latter puts three attributes into play at once (Willpower/yellow, Strength/red, and Endurance/purple). If you Balgruuf early you can concentrate your efforts on finding Unite the Houses and an Agility (green) card. That way if you can keep an Intelligence (blue) card in play you can summon Balgruuf, a two-cost Agility card (three with Ring, else you need to play this ahead of time and hope it sticks), and then win with Unite the Houses.

Fabricate is here to help cheaply trigger Moonmoth Castellan's Plot requirement and to provide creatures fitting your needs as is possible. Ideally you're looking for a 4-6 cost creature with Drain, Guard, or Ward. Depending on the scenario you might want a bigger creature if you're just trying to end the game conventionally. If you can't get one of those three keywords I recommend valuing heal health > deal damage > pilfer.

Blackmail and Madness Beckons also help Moonmoth Castellan while simultaneously potentially giving creatures from other attributes. The latter is really nice, but if you didn't obtain it during the Isle of Madness Festival, you can substitute it with whatever makes sense to you. An easy solution is to substitute it for a third copy of Fabricate, Ice Storm, and either Unite the Houses or Moonmoth Castellan. If you really want to preserve the curve for Castellan you can swap in Firebolt and/or Execute instead.

If somehow you're struggling to find the attributes you need, fear not, the deck can win conventionally just like any other control deck. In such a scenario just try to amass enough creatures on-board until you have enough damage to kill the enemy in one turn. You probably don't want to lower their health below 21 at a minimum until you're ready to end the game in that manner. Most of the time you just leave them at 30 health to be safe-- remember that Thieves Guild Shadowfoot and Ancano might break a rune if you aren't careful, so normally don't even take them down to 26.

If you're forced to end conventionally, your biggest assets are Miraak, Laaneth, Ancano, and Bringer of Nightmares.

Like most control decks this one is a crafting nightmare. Luckily there are many other cards in the game which can provide other attribute cards, so just let me know what cards you're missing and I can offer substitution options.

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