Rydell's Rage with instruction (85% winrate!)

By: Lord_Rydell
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Posted: 7 months ago
Updated: 7 months ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 21750crystal
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This deck was based on CVH's rage hlaalu. It pushed me to legend this month.

This deck is a standard Unstoppable Rage + Breakthrough Combo but has a good amount of draw, can easily contol the board and does not rely on two creatures to be able to use Unstoppable Rage successfuly.


Improvised Weapon
- Drawn by Goblin Skulk, gives creatures +1/+1 and most importantly Breakthrough. Because of 0 cost at 12 magicka can be paired with 4 cost creature + Unstoppable Rage. Great especially with Bog Lurcher. Can also be used to get creature to 5 attack to get card draw from Ash Berserker.

Shadow Shift
- Pretty self explanatory

Archer's Gambit
- Use it on lethal creatures to clear board and gain Completed Contract from Astrid

Fighters Guild Recruit
Prophecy and lethal, good to keep lane safe.

Mournhold Traitor
- Played early pushes opponent to defend himself. Spawns 2/1 creature that is great for absorbing Unstoppable Rage damage.

Sword of the Inferno
- Clears the board, with or without lethal creature. Also pushes additional +2 damage on Creature which boosts Unstoppable Rage damage, 2 ranged damage can be used to soften some creatures.

Thieves Guild Recruit
- Draws card and reduces its cost, what more would you want?

- Great with all lethal creautes in the deck, save Completed Contracts for later to play 5 cost creature + Improvised Weapon + Unstoppable Rage or discard them with Cornerclub Gambler without risking.

Brotherhood Slayer
- Another prophecy to keep you safe, gives Completed Contracts(see Astrid)

Cornerclub Gambler
- Great draw and damage, gets rid of enemy removals :P.

Crusader's Assault
- +2 damage, breakthrough and two cards. Awesome itself and with Unstoppable Rage ;)

Goblin Skulk
- As said explained draws us Improvised Weapon for multiple purposes.

Hlaalu Oathman
- Easy to trigger, again gives draw and magicka!

Sanctuary Pet
- Ahh the shackle and lethal, a perfect combo with Astrid and Archer's Gambit.

Ash Berserker
- In the deck for the draw, should be easy to trigger him.

Ashlander Punisher
The perfect card... 5 Damage! Breakthrough! Plifers and slays for more damage. This only at 4 magicka cost. A perfect candidate for Unstappable Rage.

Bog Lurcher
- 4 cost and 9 damage! One shots enemy when paired with breakthrough and ofcourse Unstappable Rage (Who would have guessed???).

Earthbone Spinner
Our only silence in this deck, but does its job great. Usualy the lethal creatures destroy everything but this also might come useful.

Monk's Strike
- Need to survie? Use this!

Territorial Viper
- Clears the board, great with Archer's Gambit

Prophecy, breakthrough and 4 cost. Again great card for Unstoppable Rage.

- Just get what you want from your opponent.

- Gives us more magicka, works with Goblin Skulk, Ashlander Punisher, Crusader's Assault and Apex Wolf, also allows us to survive for longer.

Duke Vedam Dren
- Use him to draw what you want, for example Unstoppable Rage :D

Piercing Javelin
- Prophecy and clear the board. Great!

Torval Extortionist
- More magicka and ofcourse 7 attack that is great with Improvised Weapon and I don't need to tell you more because you know what card also works.

Apex Wolf
- Allows to survive for longer, but most importantly, gives creature breakthrough!

Wilds Incarnate
- Defends us and gives card if you got runes.

Unstoppable Rage
- Our star in this deck. I guess I already elaborated on that :P.

Tazkad the Packmaster
- Can finish the opponent easily. Also got breakthrough for Unstoppable Rage ;) Hard to remove because of his 4/4 spawn.

Thanks for reading, good luck on ladder!

Because currently Ashlander Punisher breaks the export code use this code
and replace close calls with Ashlander Punisher

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