Nightmother's Hammer Support Crusader

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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 19400crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Well i went a bit crazy with this one.
Its a control crusader with Nightmother engine and the support combo setup with cauldron keepers and tower alchemists.
Goldbrand for removal, orb for draw, wabbajack to make your weaklings to threads, elixirs for life gain, especially together with the oracle.
Volendrung has a special place here, just because you can double buff a creature with it and go Ham in the endgame.

Quick shoutout to Lyra who gave me the inspiration to just slap a NM into this Deck and gave input on other things too.

Edit: i added more card draw with treasure hunt engine, put in some dushniks for support removal and the before mentioned wabbajack.

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Lyra 5 months ago
I'm surprised you can get away with no aoe removal in a control deck other than Odahviing, who's really unreliable because of his cost.

I've used Wolf Cage in some decks before, but I found it took too much setup-- since if your board ever gets reset or your first Wolf Cage gets removed the new wolves you make are too weak to be a threat or trade.

Does activating Elixir of Vitality satisfy Plot mechanic requirements? Like if you heal yourself with it can you silence someone with Hlaalu Sharpshooter without playing anything else?

I'm disappointed you omitted Wabbajack. Especially since you're running Wolf Cage, Wabbajack is a great way to turn garbage wolves into game-winning threats. I would probably replace Journey with Wabbajack. Journey will never save you from defeat, only offer a new win condition once you've already survived into the lategame where you can create new cards endlessly with Vaermina and remove anything with Goldbrand. Wabbajack can possibly save you early and can still give you increased lategame longevity by turning random creatures, especially the trash Vaermina throws at you, into potential threats.

I do like the Golden Saint inclusion though, that's not something I would have though of. But it makes sense since you're running Elixir of Vitality and Ebonheart Oracle.

I'm concerned about your card draw. I know you theoretically have infinite draw from Vaermina, but not only is that a unique legendary, if it ever gets removed you literally don't have any more. I'm delighted you've added Night Mother, but I don't think we can consider her a legitimate source of card draw. I don't know what the best source of card draw to add is though. I don't think you can support Ash Berserker since you have so few 5+ power creatures. Rapid Shot is single-serving, but it still helps deck consistently a little bit, and can assist trades occasionally. If you agree, to make room I'd suggest removing Skirmisher's Elixir. I know it's nice to eventually give some creature 34905 power using it in combination with your support synergy cards, but ultimately for most games you won't have creatures surviving on-board to be buffed, and when you do you don't want to trade them into enemy creatures with the addition of Breakthrough, since you'll eventually pop runes. And if you do survive into the lategame to do wonderful support shenanigans, well, that's what the rest of your supports are for. Alternatively, I think

I think it's risky to not have any support removal. Since this is a control deck you can expect games to last a long time, so you'll have to face the effects of the enemy's supports for a very long time.

If you're fighting Hlaalu you might not be able to outheal the endless stream of Manor-buffed Charge creatures. They will always run Hlaalu Sharpshooter and can silence Oracle, Tower Alchemist, and Cauldron Keeper. You simply can't remove freakishly large creatures buffed by at least 1 copy of Haunted Manor and Divine Fervor forever, and many will come with Charge as well.

Against the flavour of the month, Telvanni, many popular variations include Altar of Despair. They will outdraw you and they will cycle through their decks freakishly fast, Journey everything, and send it back to you with Conscription. Some of these Conscription decks run Namira's Shrine too. Doomcrag Warrior completely relies on Namira's Shrine to cycle through their deck quickly.

Since Inferno Sword or whatever it's called was added sort of recently Slay decks are still somewhat common. These often rely on Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (I think that's its name). I don't think you want some Battlefield Scrounger eating a Bruma Profiteer to give them three random items to stick on some Giant Bat the next turn.

As such, since you're running a deck showcasing the strength of supports, I recommend you respect that strength yourself with some removal. Dushnikh Yal Archer isn't even a tempo loss as a 4 cost 3-3 guard, and it can often trade efficiently when played just for the body thanks to the 1 damage ping. Admittedly I don't know what you should swap for it. You might be able to get away with removing Hive Defender. As powerful as that card is, very often guards get bypassed thanks to Lethal or Silence, so maybe it's better to have a guard that also offers utility. Ultimately your defence is relying on scaling healing more than damage block. After all, losing runes is your best source of card draw.

I know it's tough to find room for everything in a support control deck. That's why I stopped running them myself, only just now trying to use some elements of them in other deck types, but without going all-in on it. In the deck of mine you saw, I omitted Elixir of Vitality and Tower Alchemist, historically essential cards in any support control deck. I'm not recommending you cut them here, but I'm just not sure how strong the traditional composition for this strategy is anymore.
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I tried to adress certain things you adressed above. 2 dushniks are in and some card draw with treasure hunt engine. Wabbajack is also set in place. I cut the wolf cage for immolating blast. The creature generation was nice but i am happier with the board clear honestly.
Thx for your input, although my deck no looks quiet similar to yours^^'
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