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By: Angry Mudcrab
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Posted: 7 months ago
Updated: 7 months ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 25250crystal
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Hey folks,
the Mudcrab wants to share the deck with which it has reached #19 legend today.
If you are annoyed from playing boring "Hit the face-catapult" or brain dead Conscription (Mudcrab got angry over this one) decks, this is the deck for you, fun versatile and successfull.

Main Concept:
The main concept of the deck is to control the board, set up your slay combos, take up the advantage and finish the game. This deck has the opportunity to finish your enemy in many different ways, be it a board full of Morag Tong Aspirants, fed "I get +Attack for killing poor 0/1 targets ", breakthrough Unstoppable Rage, or crazy Child of Hircine combos.

Noteworthy cards & Combos:
Brotherhood Sanctuary: one of the best cards to have, instantly doubles the worth of every slay effect (also triggers 1 extra card from Crusader´s Assault slay effect- nice!)
Morag Tong Aspirant: keep this on your hand for combos with Gambit, Sword or Crossbow, unless you can set up an early target by e.g. Morag Tong Assasin
Sword of the Inferno: This card has to be mentioned because its use is incredible versatile. From 2 damage or lethal removal it becomes incredible usefull to slaying creatures especially with Brotherhood Sanctury out. Creature can slay themself with this, in combination with the Sanctuary this provides you with 4 Morag Tong Aspirant, massive extra cards with the Nighblade, 10 extra mana from the Extortionist (if it slays itself) or 2 extra attacks for a 8/5 Child of Hircine
Astrid: provides some extra mana, try to play her before a friendly lethal creature slays instead of playing her infront of the enemy creature
Grisly Gourmet: The gourmet helps with the actual high number of 2 attack warded creatures (seems like everyone has seen personofsecrets #1 deck ;) )
Cloudrest Illusionist: saves games with her prophecy effect, the main reason for her is to slay creatures without getting your precious assasine killed
Morag Tong Nightblade: Draws cards - maybe reduces your Unstoppable Rage´s cost to 0
Monk´s Strike: provides your creatures with more reach, heals and does incredible healing with Child of Hircine
Torval Extortionist: Midrange Pressure and extra mana - nice!
Child of Hircine: Maybe the best card in the deck. Has an extrem high potential to kill your enemy in the next round if not been removed. With one or more Sanctuaries out, it always gets 2 more attacks for each slain thisjobwastheworstideaever-0/1 target or other creature. Setting some targets up in the beginning and leaving it for the end often leads to an OTK. With Gambit, Sword or Crossbow, you can shoot for extra attacks while boosting the Childs damage even more, Crussaders Assault means more cards than you can carry and face damage for every slain creature. Monks Strike with the Child will provide you with halarious amounts of health
Clockwork Scorpion: deadly, drain and 7 health, everything you want to crush AmegoFace´s dreams
Unstoppable Rage: Obvious game breaker and finisher for breakthrough and slay creatures that exist more than 1 round, can also be used with cheap creatures in the same round to fill the board with Morag Tong Apirants or remove everything with a lethal creature.

Have fun playing and slay some creature for the Angry Mudcrab!

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4 losses in row with no victory... I don't think the system works sir.
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Well I’m at Rank 4 and around 60% winrate. It’s a great deck but requires planning and patience. Most losses I had came because of awkward starting hands which I feel this deck can suffer from. Aggro is always a difficult matchup, and Tribunal control but this deck demolishes anything midrangy.
What was the main problem you had playing? The deck is not easy to play and you really need to know which cars to play when, but learning it is worth the efford ;)
Cardfurry 7 months ago
Amazing! One of the most entertaining decks I have played so far
Inu 7 months ago
Won my first game that got me to rank 4 and lost the next 6 back to back. This deck left me with a bad mulligan phase in all 7 games (opponents were all different archtypes). Getting control early on is very hard. I mean I had lots of bad luck in most of the games but if you have bad luck in 5 games back to back it might not just be luck alone. The deck itself is pretty fun only when it goes off though it only happened once for me. It's too inconsistent in my opinion.

My games (all L):
Tribunal Control: Too much removal
Aggro Hlaalu: Bad tools to control (didn't even draw good for an aggro hlaalu deck)
Aggro Sorcerer: Lost in 5 turns
Altar Telvanni: Removed the altar at turn 7, didn't manage to draw a rage and he stabilized and won
Mid Action Mage: No play drawn till turn 5 --> Brynjolf Javed, clockwork scorpion and Torval cast into time
Rage Dagoth: Didn't even need to use the Rage, also I removed all of his Giants with my javelins and casts into time and still lost.
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Heavy control really is a problem, but I dont have this problems against midrage and most aggressive decks. Its mostly how to use your early options, to either put a little pressure on the enemy or, remove what they havee. Often you have to wait for some combos to remove some creatures together, but this requires some exercise with the deck.
Leonardo Roch... 7 months ago
Sometimes a deck is not so consistent in the higher ranks because there you will face decks that are too greedy, like they have 50% chance of winning because of the sinnergies of the cards. And in the legend rank, decks tend to be more "logical".
Mucklp 7 months ago
Beautiful deck! Super versatile, can be played agro/mid/control/combo - absolutely love it!
Shintarth 7 months ago
Deck is an absolute blast to pilot mate. I’m a huge fan of slay decks and play them in a number of diff archetypes - this one is a lot of fun. I added Thieves Guild Recruit b/c I was missing full sets of a few cards and thought a little early draw would help. I don’t have Dawnbreaker, but did open Umbra in a pack. It has great synergies w/ slay. Added it to a Cloudrest Illunsionist, then sweet-rolled a token. Hit the sweetroll on my next turn and my 7/8 Cloudrest wrecked havoc for two more turns. Dropped a Hircine and opponent conceded w/ 26 health left. I was just getting warmed up!
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Hey, nice to hear that you like it!
I also tested Umbra, but it happened to often that the enemy left the board with 1 cheap lethal creature my Umbra-carrier had to battle ;)
CRyanReed 7 months ago
Looks so fun, and I recently got really interested in slay archer so this will fit nicely!
Fun deck to play, wasn’t having a lot of success with Hlaalu decks until trying this one...thanks for sharing.
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