Ian's Rage Warrior

By: ianbits
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Posted: 6 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 13850crystal
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Hey guys! I haven't been excited about a deck like this in a while, figured I'd share it with you guys. First off, the core of the deck should be credited to Warriors7 and Dust who did a lot of experimentation with sword in ramp warrior after the mini-set released. I always thought the end game was something that could be cleaned up so I took a crack at it and think I found something really powerful.

The deck focuses on using some insane recovery tools in Sword of the Inferno and Fighters Guild Steward to make up for some lackluster early game, as well as ramping ridiculous amounts to do end game combos. We use lethals to knock out big threats and rage to knock out wide boards. There's probably a few things that jump out at you so I'll go over those.

1. Fighters Guild Steward

One aspect of the game I've noticed over the past few months is how powerful it is to recovery boards instead of focusing too much on holding them. While we do run quite a bit of early game, dedicated aggro decks will take board against us very frequently. Rather than add more early game to combat this, this deck utilizes Fighters Guild Steward and Sword to heal and remove threats in the mid game and stabilize for a late game push. Using Fighters Guild Steward on Night Shadow and Night Talon Lord heals for a huge amount and will usually leave the drain creature alive.

2. Flesh Atronach

Early versions of this deck ran a huge amount of late game and Defiler for late game win conditions, which I just thought wasn't the right way to go about it. Flesh Atro is an interesting win condition that, combined with improvised weapon, can OTK in the late game off a single creature utilizing Rage or Steward. In control matchups, Flesh Atronach is a trump card which says "if I draw to the end of my deck, I win." This allows you to shift focus to Camels and recurring them, just sifting through your deck as quick as possible. It's also able to be brought back via Necromancer, so you can let it go early on from a Camel or Indoril and still use it to trump in the late game.

I cut the Defilers because I cut most of the late game cards, going down to just 1 PBE, 1 NTL, Flesh Atro and Improvised Weapon.

Give it a try and make changes as desired. Happy hunting!

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I want this deck to work so bad. This is the only variation on this deck that I cannot win with. 5 games straight and all I could do was lose to every type of deck.
Sotosmojo 6 months ago
Alright so I played with this deck for a bit and here are my thoughts on the decklist.

I think the switch from Falkreath Defiler to Fighters Guild Steward is an interesting and refreshing take on Ramp Rage Warrior. I enjoy how it interacts with Night Talon Lord, Night Shadow, Flesh Atronach and Pure-Blood Elder. It's nice to play the combos from hand and surprise the opponent with some unexpected heals.

That being said, I don't find the switch to be a better fit for ramp rage warrior. There are simply not enough cards that interact with it and I often find myself waiting for the combo pieces to line up so I can play from hand. Sometimes I am able to use FGS on a monster on the board, but often it just sits in my hand and serves as a "suprise heal" from hand. I think the synergy with Falkreath Defiler is a bit better and its a key piece for Unstoppable Rage, Inferno Sword and the Quicksilver Crossbow.

I will say however, once the new IOM cards come out, this decklist (More specifically FGS will have even better synergy with Dark Seducer (The 7/7 Guard with Drain). This definitely has potential. Will keep playing and testing it.
I had good experience with this deck in Casual play, and thanks for turning me onto Fighters Guild Steward!
Leiko 6 months ago
Threw in a Mundus Stone, Lucien LaChance and some Reachman Shaman (cause I didn't had all the Ordiniran and Night Shadow), and it works pretty well.
Thanks for sharing this.

[EDIT]: Nevermind, I went Hircine instead of Shaman, it's just broke with Lucien LaChance or FGS
great deck Ian, currently 6-1 top 150 Legend.
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acampbell11 6 months ago
Confirmed #119 GJ bj!

I will +1 this deck since you helped my boy out.
As an almost exclusive aggro player, I'm still learning to navigate this deck and it's nuances. Watching your streams has helped me a lot in this process! Thanks for posting de list, ian!
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