Transmogrify 40 minutes match game deck

By: Scrider
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Posted: 5 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 16700crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
just try to control, don't waste removal on dumb shit and beat with tokens , when possible transmogrify it. U can add excavate & journey if wanted for more recursion

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Zokorar 5 months ago
It feels a bit too random to be viable for ranked but other than that it is a fun deck
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Malakyas 5 months ago
I tested it It's really consistent actually, the cards u really have 1 of u don't need more them 1. The tokens u generate can actually win the game and hold so u can win latter with Transmogrify.
Malakyas 5 months ago
Nice Work Scrider, Deck is Fun. Too bad it does take a lot of time the matchs.
Angry Mudcrab 5 months ago
More than 50% of the cards cost 5 or more, this will totaly die to aggro with a bad mulligan. I still like the idea behind the deck.
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