Oblivion's Gates

By: Djebel
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Posted: 5 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 16900crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

Good morning to everybody,

Today I share my second deck made with the new cards of the islands of madness: a tribal deck of daedras which I have called the Oblivion's Gates.
Although the new expansion has brought several new daedras I believe that there are not enough cards yet to reach the viability of other tribes like the orcs, goblins and dragons, being that tribe at an intermediate level like the wolves.

BTW after several tests this is the deck that has given me the best results with this tribe in 14 trials with a winrate of 9 w for 5 losses.

Waiting to improve it even more, this deck tries to take advantage of the daedra's utilities to generate a compensated board, capable of exchanging with solvency using the army of daedras that, at the same time, has some benefits over other classic midrange due to its capabilities how the bedeviling scamp (I was impressed about its ability to retain the aggression of the tokens) or, in that sense, the golden initiate by its drain in early.

Other cards like seduce darkfire are really useful to cut the hard removals of control decks before they can sweep you in the final phases of game in which your midrange potential begins to decay. When you confront this kind of decks this card gives you some valuable additional turns to finish the oponent.

Dremora Markinath or Aspect of Hircine are decent finishers though expensive compared to those typically used in a midrange and, of course, forsaken champion is a meme card that gives additional support to tribal decks while we await the arrival of more promising (and viable) cards in that sense.

How I explain my main goal here was to make a fun and viable deck of daedras that felt different from the typical midrange, in that sense the deck is quite solid but do not expect a metabreaker or a top deck like other midrange because if the daedra have the same potential as the orcs, in this deck is not yet proven.

I hope you enjoy it despite this, and many thanks to check my deck ^^

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