Prophecy Battlemage

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Posted: 3 weeks ago
Updated: 6 days ago
Up to date (JanuaryNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 12050crystal
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I used this deck to climb from Rank 5 to top 100 Legend, including an 11 win streak from #300 to sub #100. I tinkered with quite a few iterations before settling on this one. Every rune your opponent breaks essentially gives you a coin toss to hit a prophecy, and the vast majority of those prophecies are going to help you push more damage to face or improve your board position significantly. With the Scouts, Alits and Gladiator Arenas, you have a few ways to break your own runes for a chance at free cards when you're up against an opponent that doesn't want to go face. All in all, this is an enjoyable to play, fairly reliable deck that gives you fast games for quick laddering.

Update: Achieved #1 Legend!
Part 1:

Update #2: Deck still works post-slaughterfish-nerf, just switch the Slaughterfish Spawnings out for Camlorn Sentinels/Heroes. Not sure which is better yet, but leaning toward Sentinel.

Card Selection & General Strategy
Relentless Raider: Demands removal or produces pretty insane value for a one-drop. Key to a lot of early victories for me. Early game, don't hold this in hand and hope to activate it's special ability; drop it and make your opponent play their early game removal on this instead of a Ravager or Slaughterfish. Late game, this is cheap reach of sorts allowing for some surprise damage from hand.

Sharpshooter Scout: Key removal against the mirror and common chump guards like Tree Minder and Murkwater Witch. Also useful for popping your own runes and enabling beneficial trades. The teensy bit of reach has won me a game or three.

Afflicted Alit: Decent damage if it sticks, often key reach late game and an engine for breaking your own runes for free cards.

Dark Rift: Difficult for many decks to deal with, brutal if dropped turn one with the ring. Respectable face damage and a bit of reach late game. If it's allowed to turn into a Storm Atronach, you probably win.

Graystone Ravager: Really scary body if it survives, feels great to pop it into an empty lane via prophecy. Key to a lot of early victories for me as it'll often either tease out removal to allow Slaughterfish to snowball or push a quick 4-8 damage by itself.

Shrieking Harpy: Fantastic Prophecy that can either allow you to "ignore" a threat for a turn, protect a Ravager/Slaughterfish from a chump attacker or trade beneficially into commonly played Pilfers. A near must-keep in your opening hand against Monks or the mirror.

Wardcrafter: Allows you to keep your fragile but hard-hitting creatures alive. Also makes trading into Guards only cost you tempo instead of tempo and board position. Often worth waiting until turn five to play Slaughterfish and this in the same turn, especially against Intelligence.

Cast Out: Can be a huge tempo swing early game, great for getting pesky Guards out of the way. I often choose not to play this off a Prophecy if I expect a bigger threat from my opponent than is currently on the board.

Gladiator Arena: Played at the appropriate time (read: ~8 or more life ahead) can help to seal a victory. Don't be afraid to play this earlier against Control as the self-damage is basically beneficial to you in that match-up.

Morkul Gatekeeper: Such an awesome card for this deck! Likely 2 extra damage to face plus a body to protect your fragile attackers. Often allows for beneficial trades and a Prophecy to boot. I love this guy.

Slaughterfish Spawning: Your opponent answers this or they die, plain and simple. Always keep this in your opening hand and prioritize putting resources into defending your Slaughterfish so they can snowball.

Earthbone Spinner: Guard removal plus a 3/2 body. What's not to love? Great against the mirror.

Lightning Bolt: Use this to remove creatures that hit harder than you can comfortably handle or to protect your hard-hitters/enable pushing face. Don't go face with this early (even from a Prophecy) as the card you're likely to give your opponent is likely to be more valuable to them than the 4 damage is to you.

Sentinel Battlemace: Turn three Slaughterfish followed by turn four Battlemace can outright win you the game. Allows for removing guards (many Hive Defenders have died to a Battlemaced Harpy) while also developing your board (that 6/2 Harpy is still there >:D ). It's often worth playing out 2 smaller bodies rather than a single bigger one to help ensure you have a target for this on the following turn.

Grahtwood Ambusher: When it's great, it's really great. Fantastic against the mirror, and getting a 4/2 body and potentially killing stuff off a Prophecy is bananas. This card is weak when it's just a 4/2 body for 5, so try to play it when it'll have the most impact like allowing a beneficial trade, killing a chump Guard or removing more than 1 thing.

Fate Weaver: Can be a huge swing in your favor or... a 3/3 for 6, though that's only going to happen ~50% of the time. Always worth playing before attacking in my opinion as it can give you extra damage via a Gatekeeper.

Triumphant Jarl: Keeps you from running out of gas when you've got your opponent down to the single digits and are low on cards. This tends to happen right around turn 6, coincidentally enough.

The deck in action!

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Ferron 3 weeks ago
Love the list. Subbed Raiders with Crown Quartermasters, still works fine :) Just plowing through the ranks now, started yesterday at 5 and now i'm almost at 2.
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That's fantastic news! Glad you're enjoying the deck and it's performing well for you.

I'll definitely keep the Crown Quartermasters in mind for one of the lower-cost substitution ideas.
nathan14492 2 weeks ago
Hi! A few quick questions, I'm just a beginner.

1. What's so good about Relentless Raider that makes it a legendary? Sure, It can pull out damage faster than Crown Quartermaster (item costs 1 mana, so 2/1 creature and item costs total 2 mana), but is Crown Quartermaster really that bad compared to Raider? Besides breaking rune only deals one damage, but quarter master item can buff creature, allowing for favorable trading (if ur not going face). So how much of a downgrade is subbing in quartermaster?

2. In general, if i have a bunch of weak creatures which one do I buff with morkul gatekeeper? it only increases power, not health, so its a bit harder to decide, since for buffs that increase health u just pick the one that u want to survive.

3. Also other than turn 5 2/1 give ward and 3mana slaughterfish, and turn 3 curve slaughterfish, anything else i should know about slaughterfish?

4. playing earthbone spinner for the 3/2 body (without using the silence effectively) is pretty bad, but if i dont have much on the board do I still drop it?

5. Same thing for sharpshooter scout, when do I drop it just for the 1/1? Also I didn't know u could pop ur own rune with it, thx for that tip.

A few general questions:

6. How do you know what creature to drop in which lane? Like if im going first, which lane do i summon stuff? If I'm going second (assuming opponent doesnt play anything turn one)? How do I take advantage of the cover mechanic of the right lane most effectively? I come from hearthstone, so the thing with lanes is bugging me out because I don't know if I'm strategically doing the right thing. I have NO CLUE which lane to drop whatever creature whenever.

7. Another thing not in hearthstone is runes. When is it correct to hold back on attacking face to play around prophecy? To what extent to I play around prophecy?

8. I'm not familiar with meta. The different kinds of decks people play. Anything important regarding any meta decks I should know? Like cards to play around, what to prioritize. Because obviously I have to play differently against different decks.

9. General strategy of the deck: How often do you trade? At what point do you just start ignoring ur opponent's threats and removal and start smashing face?

Also thanks for the youtube video, helps out a lot to see how you play it.
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WorthlessProt... 2 weeks ago
Welcome to the TESL community!

1) In my opinion, Raider is a Legendary because it's a 1-magicka card that isn't a dead-draw late game. It can easily give you the 1-2 extra face damage you need to push for lethal from your hand. In contrast, while the Quartermaster is a great replacement overall, it really starts to lose its shine if you draw it late game. It's only giving you 1 extra damage in the best case scenario, and that's only if you have an unblocked creature to swing with *and* the one magicka to spare to equip the dagger. Raider's damage might not help you trade favorably, but it's free bonus damage and you're rarely if ever trading for your opponent's stuff with this deck. I'll explain in #9. :)

2) IMO, you want to allocate bonus damage in this priority:
I - Enabling a beneficial trade
II - To the thing most likely to survive (a 2 toughness creature instead of a 1, etc.)
III - To the thing with the lowest power to spread out your threats

3) Slaughterfish are just amazing if they snowball, so you generally want to spend your resources keeping them alive if at all possible. Play something into the field lane as a sort of bodyguard and to push your opponent into the shadow lane (since that fish still has to be answered by a guard or removal since it has cover.)

4) In general, no. If you don't already have board presence and your only viable play on turn 4 is a Spinner, you're in pretty bad shape. You want to hold your Spinners to remove Guards for pushing face or Pilfers/Drains that will cost you the game if left unchecked. That 3/2 body is really only worth it if you're also holding a Battlemace and your opponent will have trouble with a 7/2 ward.

5) When it's no longer likely to generate value with the 1 damage to a creature (past turn 4 or so). It's possible that the direct damage could allow a beneficial trade later into the game, but 1 face damage and possible Battlemace target are probably more valuable.

6) Play into the field lane unless it doesn't make sense (like something there would just trade with your creature) or if you're behind (your opponent already has board presence you can't reasonably contest). The field lane allows you to trade into whatever is played there at full strength, whereas your opponent gets the full strength trade if you're ahead and play into the shadow lane.

7) I avoid going face if I'm only going to break a rune with 1-2 damage or if I don't necessarily need to swing face to threaten lethal next turn. This deck wants to burn the opponent down ASAP, but not at the cost of giving them insurmountable value or another chance at an out.

8) Don't worry too much about the meta. You'll get a sense for the decks you see often and the cards that can cost you a game just by playing the deck. Be mindful of things like Ice Storm/Grahtwood Ambusher/Giant Snake/Dawn's Wrath that can shut you down hard if you play into them, but mostly just hit face and have fun.

9) The simple rule is, if you have more damage in a given lane, go face. If they have more damage in the lane, trade/play removal until you take the lane damage lead then go face. Soon, you'll know when it makes sense to trade. In general you want to trade up, trading a lower cost/value card for a higher one. If you keep them on the back foot by attacking and maintaining board advantage, forcing them to answer your threats, they'll rarely get the chance to stabilize before you can kill them.

Best of luck in all your TESL adventures!

edit: Changed some advice.
Thank you for taking the time to respond! Extremely helpful :)
schnock 1 week ago
Very nice and fun deck & thanks for updating the list continuously :)
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