Defiler Discard

By: RainCreations
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Outdated (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 19500crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Point of the deck is to discard powerful creatures using mastermind, camel, and gambler then return them to the board using defiler. If you get the ideal cards you can have Odah ore similar powerful creature as early as turn 5

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CRyanReed 5 months ago
Reanimation decks are such a neat thing. The deck looks enjoyable but a little more investment from developers could make it a tier 1 play style. Green Red Purple deck combo alone could be enough to do it, or a non-slay reanimate effect.

I feel like this is a good color combo for filling the graveyard but getting things back with defiler seem much more difficult than in the warrior builds with sword of inferno and crossbow.

How is the deck performing for you?
At first I thought how will this deck work? Then after a few games I realised the great potential of it and how badass it can be. So far the only way that I have lost with it is if I get bad draw or my opponent gets amazingly rush hand to push for damage. I really love it it's been a while since I wrote a comment but I think that it's worth to do it. Thank you very much for your effort and I wish you the best.
The Voiceless 5 months ago
I played this deck for over 8 hours and here's my thoughts. This is the single biggest high roll deck I've ever seen on this game. With the perfect cards, you can literally fill your board with unanswerable creatures before you have the mana to even play one of them. There have been games I've won by just pulling out Bramman, Paarthurnax, and Night Talon Lord on turn 7.

On the contrary, you will almost never pull that off. Of the 30+ games I played, this only happened 4 times. More often than not you will get absolutely steamrolled by the multitude of aggro decks that are in fashion right now. Your only option to combat these are hoping for good Fighters Guild Recruits or getting lucky with trading Bleakcoast Trolls. Out of the remaining games against control decks, half of them are lost because your opponent has bigger creatures and more answers than you. There's literally nothing in this deck that can counter opponents just ignoring your stuff and hitting you in the face, and that's not even all of the issues. Even if you can stabilize the board, it becomes a waiting game until you get combo pieces, giving your opponent even more time to just throw down big things that you can't deal with.

I think this deck could be decent if the list was polished. Put some more anti-aggro tools and remove some of the questionable inclusions like Weakness. Even though this deck isn't very good, I am glad for it's existence. It's a nice change and can be very fun when you actually pull off something cool; just don't expect to win most of your games.
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