Pilfer and Drain God [UPDATED]

By: unknown2000
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Posted: 6 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 30300crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This deck relies heavily on Drain and Pilfer abilities.

+ Heavy mid-game damage
+ Massive drains
+ Exponential growth
+ Cards work in synergy
+ Ability to counter the most powerful enemy creatures

- No heavy defenses (good offense can be the best defense though!)
- Quite expensive

There are three types of cards working in synergy in this deck:

Supports like Ebonheart Oracle and Master of Thieves will greatly improve cards in the next type.

Primaries like Quin'rawl Burglar and Elsweyr Lookout will benefit from supports, add massive drains and grow exponentially.

Destroyers like Green-Touched Spriggan and Protector of the Mane will grow massively with the primaries' abilities. These can be used to quickly destroy the enemy, if that hasn't happened already.

Feel free to leave feedback or show support. This is one of my first decks, and my future goal in the game.

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Caddburry 6 months ago
I like the look of it. Sounds very fun. I was wondering what your feeling was about adding in some Thieves' Den and replacing them for like Mundus Stone and 1 Knife to the Throat??
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Ah, yes. I forgot to add it in. Replaced Knife to the Throat with it.
Caddburry 6 months ago
Ha nice, Alright. I'm definitely going to be playing this later tonight. I've always been attracted to the Pilfer Monk style, but never really gave it my own try
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Great, let me know how it worked! I currently can't afford this deck yet, so I'm unable to test it myself.
This look fun, but man is it expensive. I have 100% core, Skyrim, and the story expansions and most of Morrowind and I still need over 12,000 gems! This will be on my wishlist for a while.
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Yes, indeed it is quite expensive, but some cards can be replaced if the cost is too high. Just try to get the most out of the things you have and work towards the final build.
McTroll 6 months ago
Seems like quite a weak deck, Played 5 games and lost 5. My win rate is usually 50%+ with most decks.
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unknown2000 6 months ago
Interesting. I don't have all the cards yet so I'm playing a weaker version of this, and I have a 70% win rate on that too. Maybe change your playing style to suit the deck better?
railmc 6 months ago
This deck performs really poorly in the current meta. It does not beat Slay Warrior or heavy aggro decks. And basically there is not much else right now.
ToastieNL 6 months ago
Sorry to ask, but why are you uploading a very expensive, suboptimal deck with several very weird (read: bad) inclusions that you haven't tested yourself, yet call it "GOD" deck?
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unknown2000 6 months ago
Well, in my opinion it's a god deck for a certain build, and I have tested a weaker version of it with good success. This is what I myself would go for as a Monk. It is expensive, yes, but it's not prohibited uploading those. I like this deck and I wanted to save it and get feedback.
TheBGAnt 4 months ago
First of all I will point out the most important thing - ESL up to date is in technical alfa and we are all waiting for the game to be fixed. Because of that fact the person who made this deck can have whatever win rate imaginable.

Second, for this deck I was missing only 2 legendary cards so I crafted them to play the deck. On first glance the deck it self is extremely weak as it has no draw what so ever and in other words once you are stopped you are dead obviously as you have no come back effects and the cards them self have no protection to be able to take the extra effect from pilfer.

The first change I made before playing the deck was - 1 Baandari Bruiser for + 1 Knife to the Throat. Why? Because the deck has no comeback and if its on the turn you need that effect for final push plus the extra draw. But it was not enough. My win rate was exactly 0% after many games.

Second change is obviously the main thing the deck needs - draw.
-1 Ebonheart Oracle
-1 Protector of the Mane
-1 Undying Dragon
+3 Blood Pact Messenger
Why Blood Pact Messenger not Rajhini Highwayman? Very simple because my target is to get 4 cards in 1 turn which is the most important thing for this type of deck and even if you draw 2 only you need the extra gas as you are very fast out of cards.

Other changes can be made as you don't need 3 of Elsweyr Lookout or Tenmar Swiftclaw but for that more testing needs to be done, probably will put 2 Fighters Guild Recruit as you need to defend your basic cards to be able to buff them self or to gain an effect you need.

After the second changes I started to win my games but overall the deck is very weak and it is impossible to have high win rate of 70% if the games was playable. At the moment ESL is on bypass status since last February and if the game wants you will win no matter what. If the game tells you no, you will lose no matter what :)
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