Mushroom Tower Overkill

By: voporak5
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Posted: 6 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 21850crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
So this deck has endless combinations.

It's all inspired by

It's not necessary that you get mushroom tower played but if you do it can really allow for some ridiculous plays. I've won games by literally only having nix-ox a dopple a couple doppelgangers, a thieves guild recruit, ulfrics uprising, and thieves guild recruit.

It takes some time to play to figure out everything that it can do. Dark Rebirth + Tazhad is 12 damage right there or Dark Rebirth and Ancano. Mushroom tower + Ice Storm + Warded Wardcrafter who you sacrifice to do another Ice Storm is a quick way to clear the board. Mushroom tower + Paarthurnax. 2 Black Hand Messengers + Mushroom Tower + Dark Rebirth means a whole ton of damage if you cast Dark Rebirth on one, sacrifice the second, and cast the second Dark Rebirth on the first Black Hand Messenger.

Sometimes I'll use Dark Rebirth on Thorn Histmage to boost magica quickly. Therana + spell cast + Goblin Skull. You could probably replace Therana for another creature but it's a cheap legendary and it's very nice to drop Therana and Lightning Bolt with 9 magicka in the bank to create more prophecy cards.

If the opponent plays something that I need to silence I'll drop Silent Pilgrim and a decent amount of the time I'll get Sorcerer's Negation.

Pros - Crazy Combos, Crazy Late Game
Cons - Decks that have strong starts destroy it

If you're okay with just sitting and playing all day for a few days you can get to Legend. I've done it once because I actually tried and sat there all day while working for the last week of the month a long time ago. It all depends on who you go up against. Those strong early game decks will wreck you unless you get some cards to negate them like Cruel Firebloom, Sorcerer's Negation, and Dismantle for those pesky Haunted Manors.

The best part is when an opponent steals one of your dragons and you drop Dismantle.

Good luck!

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This is the greediest deck I've ever played, but holy shit is it fun when it works. Using Uprising with more than one Nix-Ox + Laaneth or Sun-in-Shadow can produce some truly disgusting turns, to the point where any creature left on the field for one turn presents a huge threat to your opponent.

I've had highlight games where I emptied my entire deck of actions using Sun-in-Shadow in 2 turns, and others where I used Jim to steal my opponents entire hand of cards. There are some cards I would recommend cutting, though. Silent Pilgrim is almost never useful. Telvanni already has ludicrous amounts of card draw. In the same vein, Oathman is on the weaker side as well, and it's puzzling why they're included instead of Odirnirans.

All in all, this is some of the most fun I've had playing this game, and I'm glad for its existence.
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