IoM Mid BM

By: jele77
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 4 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 13250crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I wanted to try how IoM cards would fit in Battlemage and so far it works quite well. Have been playing nearly 50 games so far and best streak was 12 wins in a row bringing me from bottom rank 2 to now legend #17.

lets me play 3 lesser ward, that also work well together with Manic jack, Daggerfall and Breton Conjurer. I have tried playing 3 Rootbender at first for testing purposes, but 2 have been much more consistent to me. In my experience Rootbender helps a lot versus control decks and especially versus Tribunal
Nervous giant:
The card does make me quite nervous, when i play it, but so far it has been great. Out of 50 games it has been easily destroyed by crossbow, rapidshot only 3 times and that was not gamedeciding. The giant has been amazing versus blue control classes and is especially wrecking Tribunal. I have been keping it in mulligan versus Tribunal with the ring with great success.
ManicJack/Manic Mutation
Is overall a strong card but synergises well with the wards and Battlemace. Manic Mutation synergises well with Rootbender, but you can also fish for a drain on your huge giants from time to time.
Doomfang Ally has been overall great, even as a 3/5. As a 3/5 it often helps me to play more aggressive.

The matchup versus archer is pretty good, because the many wards and warded creatures give them a headache.
Aggro Crusader and Hlaalu are really good matchups too. You fight the early aggression and slowly build up a board while doing that or you can take out a whole lane with Cradlecrush.
Rage warrior has a hard time to deal with the wards and the giants and i try to kill them around turn 8.
Control Hlaalu has been a not great Matchup for me so far
Sorc and Aggro warrior have been really good matchups. Firebolt has been giving me so much tempo they couldnt handle it and catapults rarely get activated. battlemace has been great to take out catapults quite early, but also quatermaster and a firebolt can get rid of an early catapult.

Overall playstyle is at the beginning a bit more passive and defensive and i focus on gaining board control and taking favourable trades. Around turn 5, sometimes earlier it flips and i start attacking. Versus control i usually play aggressive from the start.

(Feedback much appreciated: I am still unsure about the amount of 2drops. Sometimes it would also be more helpful to have more guards or some more defensive cards like tel vos, right now cradlecrush has been too great though to play just 2)

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Harkos 5 months ago
Excellent deck Jele. I have reached leg#3 with it. I have just removed 1 nervous giant for 1 Garnag.
this deck is $$$
TwoEagles 5 months ago
Lumbering Ogrim is better than Nervous Giant. Change my mind.
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ShidouZ 5 months ago
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt and Territorial Viper exist.
This deck perdieron - killer - murderer - Cain. I gave in to a Monk, but it's my fault. W / L 10/1. Thank you very much for the joy of moving up the stairs!
Almerok 4 months ago
Not sure what you meant by Doomfang 3/5 ... maybe you meant 5/3?

Looks like a good deck. Close to a private Aggro I built a while ago, so I'll try it out and provide feedback ;)
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jele77 4 months ago
yeah i flipped the numbers. I mean the 5/3 is sometimes really good and i can start to go face quite early. Its a tough decision
robmsjr 4 months ago
Great deck. Went from rank 4 to 2 with one loss only. I replaced one of the Belligerent Giant with the Grummite Magus and it has been very good so far. I also replaced the Aspect because I don't have it and I am not so sure if it's worth crafting, I am using Atromancer at the moment, would love other replacement suggestions.
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jele77 4 months ago
i could see syl or vigilant giant, mighty conjuring, maybe even wilds incarnate or vigilante.
I often use the aspect of hircine as final lethal damage, so its a bit hard to find a card to replace it
robmsjr 4 months ago
jele77 wrote:
i could see syl or vigilant giant, mighty conjuring, maybe even wilds incarnate or vigilante.
I often use the aspect of hircine as final lethal damage, so its a bit hard to find a card to replace it

Many thanks for the help, in the end I crafted it and it won me two games already. Saying again, great deck.
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