IoM Singleton Mage

By: The Voiceless
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 28600crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Mage has always been my favorite class to play, and I think singleton is deceptively strong right now. With conscription less prevalent, this deck has a good matchup versus most things you will face. Here are some card choice descriptions:

Ghostgate Defender: Extremely underrated, this card helps immensely against aggro. It serves as a second pseudo firebolt raising our consistency.

Mage's Guild Recruit: This flexible card allows us to play Chodala's Treachery on 9 as well as reduce Siege and other actions if you need them quicker.

Golden Initiate: This is a strictly better replacement for Ravenous Hunger or Feasting Hunger. The prophecy helps in a pinch sometimes as well.

Penitus Oculatus Agent: Your opponent thinks they can kill off something big with Sanctuary pet or Fighter's Guild Recruit? Nah son, steal that right off of them and threaten their things instead.

Vigilant Ancestor: We don't play Dres Renegade(or Arrest alongside it), but this card is a strong tool to force trades or your opponent to ignore a lane. It's good with help, but don't expect it to bail you out of a tough situation.

Dawnfang: One of our weapons of choice for Siege. Gives 5 health immediately provided you can kill something the turn you play it. The switch between Duskfang is annoying, but sometimes you can use it for card draw instead of health. Luckily, it's always Dawnfang when pulled directly from your deck.

Devour: Very strong removal, and we have 3 dragons in the deck to take advantage of it's effect. An Odahviing with a devoured lethal or drain is ridiculous.

Ebonheart Oracle: One of my favorite cards, and we have quite a few health gain cards to synergize. Remember to hold off and play both oracle and health gain on the same turn or right as you hit with drain to guarantee lots of health unless you're truly desperate. Morokei heals a whopping 10 alongside her.

Vivec: Vivec is in here as an 8 mana 10/10 that puts on pressure. It isn't in here to save until you're dead and pray your opponent can't deal with it.

Orb of Vaermina: Originally just a card I put in here for fun, I think it's a good way to catch up on value against other control decks. Getting it from Siege is great, but if you feel that it's too slow, this is one of the cards I recommend changing.

Thadon, Duke of Mania: Running out of cards against heavy control? Out of answers against aggro or midrange? Ya boy Thadon is here to back you up. He can single handedly win you games by drawing you threats and answers to continue taking advantage of the mania lane. Just remember that your opponent can also benefit from it.

Seducer Darkfire: This cards gets better the more knowledgeable of the game you are. Throw it down and pick 5 against tribunal or redoran to prevent most removal. Telvanni? Pick 6 to prevent Odirniran. Rage Warrior? Pick 2 to prevent Squish and Sword or 8 to prevent rage. Their deck have a suspicious amount of 2s? Throw it down turn 11 and pick 12. GG EZ conscription.

Miraak, Dragonborn: This one is just formality as by this point I'm sure everyone knows how broken Miraak is. Stealing Odahviing, Paarthurnax, Scalon, or anything huge immediately wins the game sometimes.

Cards we aren't playing because reasons:
Dark Rebirth/A Night to Remember/Doppelganger: I've found these cards much too situational in my experience. Yeah it's great to get a 2 mana Miraak or Ancano, but they're dead cards in your hand until then that can be replaced with survivability instead.
Mace of Encumbrance: Actually a tech choice replacement for Dawnbreaker if you find yourself in need of more stall.
Firestorm: Very underwhelming removal that's only good against crusader and sometimes battlemage. We have early game creatures instead to help against annoyances like Withered Hand Cultist.
Dres Renegade/Arrest: Situational and slow. Including these along with Dark Rebirth et al. makes the deck too inconsistent.
Supreme Atromancer: We are not an aggressive deck. If you try to play aggressive against heavy control and run out of cards before they die, you lose. We win mostly through tempo swings instead of burn.
A Clockwork Heart: I have no idea why people play this.It's a waste of 6 mana and a waste of a support slot for Siege since if your opponent can proc it, you're probably dead anyway. The times you survive from this and win next turn are staggeringly low and not worth the inclusion.
Mage's Trick: Very slow and unimpactful card draw; We have better options.
Wilds Incarnate: Outclassed by ya boy Thadon.
Paarthurnax: Very slow and mostly not needed. We already have high value cards and it's just better to steal their huge creatures than hope for something good with Mario.

And that's it. Any questions and comments are definitely welcome.

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faddo 5 months ago
I've been playing Singleton mage the last 200 or so games - it's just so much fun. My decklist is basically the same as yours. Notable differences: I play Dark Rebirth, Night to remember, Dragonpriest Mask and Winterhold Illusionist. Just love the idea of repeat summon effects. Great results (of course) with Miraak&Ohdaviing&Ancano&Morokei. But copying also won me games with Riften Lawkeep (those extra 4 health), Harpy (shackle that shadowy SOB) and funny enough, Fate Weaver, which gave me lightning bolt while topdecking against Tribunal. I play Mace of Encumbrance instead of Dawnbreaker, no Ancestor, Orb, Cloudrest Ill, , Ebonheart and Dreugh, Piercing Twilight (?), Devour, Sotha Sil or Vivec. The last two I threw out because Siege pulls them out of your deck unexalted, which basically renders them useless. I included Pointy Wall of Spikes against aggro. I'll try Ghostgate Defender instead of Mages trick, although I kinda like the card draw.
I am missing Immolating Blast in this setup, this has won me a ton of games. Brutal Ashlander I included against aggro. Feasting Hunger might work well with your oracle. I run Thieves Guild Shadowfoot, Barbas and Mudcrab merchant for situations where you desperately need some rng and/or card draw. Cruel firebloom to sacrifice those mudcrabs and shadowfoots.
Tested (and threw out) Moose, Auroran Sentry, Descendant of Alkosh, Lydia (btw just recently played a singleton match against Thadon&lydia, so if you play Thadon Lydia might be an idea), Spear of Embers, Therana.
Ghostgate Defender might be worth looking into, as well as that new shackle skeleton in Intelligence. I'll also try Ebonheart Oracle and Apex Wolf. I also plan on trying Memory Wraith against all that resummoning crap.

If you survive until turn 10 or so, there's not many decks that kann kick your ass during endgame.
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