Rage slay archer

By: drvval
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 18850crystal
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This is my approach to the slay archer deck. It's quite versatile aggro/mid-range list. In right conditions can finish off opponent by turn 6 as well as survive past turn 12.

Idea isn't new. Combine slay/lethal with Unstoppable Rage and Night Mother for additional win con.

Morag Tong Aspirant
It goes well with Brotherhood Sanctuary, Quicksilver Crossbow, Archer's Gambit especially if you develop Felldew on it. In certain situations it can flood the board.

The Night Mother
Good for Morag Tong Aspirant, Ashlander Punisher and Child of Hircine and of course, if you survive long enough it deals 20 hp and draws you a ton of cards.

Ungolim the Listener
Shuffles three powerful Brotherhood Assassin tokens with lethal and it draws a card. Also good with Quicksilver Crossbow and Archer's Gambit.

Archer's Gambit
Moves a creature out of reach, kills small and big bodies combined with lethal from Felldew, Elytra Noble, Territorial Viper and Allena Benoch.

Thieves Guild Recruit
Let's don't lie to ourselves - it gets you a card, sometimes with discount and is a good starter on turn 1.

Ashlander Punisher
In right conditions this elvish mofo can be dangerous, combines well with Gambit, Sanctuary and Crossbow. Put it when Mundus stone is online and shit can get pretty serious.

Territorial Viper
Quick and fast removal for big bodies. Goes well with Quicksilver Crossbow and Archer's Gambit.

Mundus Stone
It puts a keyword on a creature. Can be wonky if you want ward and get something else, but can turn things around and win you a match.

I hate this card when I play against it so I put it here. Good for finishing off big bodies.

Pahmar-raht Renegade
Stupid, and hard to pronounce name but not so easy to kill. Gets you a card or more if combined with Brotherhood Sanctuary. Also good with Crossbow, Felldew and Nightmother.

Allena Benoch
Nice removal on summon. Combines with cards mentioned above.

Child of Hircine
Very scary card, a perfect, memic finisher.

Unstoppable Rage
Goes well with most of the cards. Want to clear whole lane? Develop it on creature with lethal or slay. Can get you, a shit ton of cards with Fat-something Renegade when Sanctuary is online.

Tazkad the Packmaster
Excellent finisher.

Reive, Blademaster
If not removed quick enough it can snowball to your worst daedric nightmare.

Sanctuary Pet
It slows down your opponent, kill's creatures and combines well with Crossbow, Gambit and Rage.

Earthbone Spinner
Pretty annoying card. It silences your creature saying "Ackchually..."

Giant Bat
Can remove small bodies, and it sucks. Sorry, drains. It extends your lifespan a bit.


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