Hulk Smash

By: FivePointHammer
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Posted: 5 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 24750crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Improved lethal package for early/mid game control and removal. Slay + Sanctuary for bulk draw. Fell Dew combined with slay (Nightblade, Crusader's Assualt, Fork) makes draw combos easy to pull off. Hulk is the closer. Incredibly resilient deck with good drain, draw, removal, and support control elements. Golden Initiate > Werebat because combo with Sword of Inferno = 9 health play in pinch. Can often win without Hulk or Rage. Save a dagoth dagger for Hulk + Rage for the close. Can Hulk/Dagoth/Rage for one turn win if you draw a 0 cost Rage with Nightblade.

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FivePointHamm... 5 months ago
*Further In Depth Commentary*

Nightblade shines in this deck. She's easily subdued when she can't slay on the same turn she's played. With Fell Dew, Crossbow, Sword of the Inferno, and Archer's Gambit she has 4 cards that can increase the possibilty for extra draw on the same turn she's played. With Sanctuary she can draw 1-4 cards with each slay, and w/ 20 actions in the deck there's a good chance you get a 0 cost card. I've had late game turns where I can slay 3 creatures with her. With just one sanctuary that's 6 cards w/ two 0-cost actions on average. A 0 cost rage means GG if you can get a dagoth and Hulk by turn 10/11. Early game she's safe to play on turn three with a ring crush against most decks. Sorcerer's Negation, Lightening Bolt, Shriveled Mummy, and Earthbone Spinner are the most common turn 4 cards used to Neutralize her. Monk and Crusader have no turn 4 answer. Always play her in the "cover" lane or you leave her susceptible to charge.

Likewise, Crusader's Assault paired with sanctuary can fill your hand in a hurry. Don't forget to play CA on a lethal creature before playing archer's gambit, crossbow, sword of inferno. Each slay nets you a card, with Sanctuary it nets you an extra card. Also, Fork of Horripilation can reduce a lethal creature's power to 0 and yet crossbow or archer's gambit will still deal 1 point of lethal damage satisfying the Fork's slay requirement and netting you 3 cards. 6 cards with just one sanctuary.

If you want to make your opponent throw their phone across the room use Felldew with The Black Dragon and start wreaking havok on their deck. LOL... They may rage quit.

A replacement for Felldew is Skooma Racketeer, but the cost for felldew is two while Racketeer costs 3, which will make a difference when you're stringing together a good lethal/removal package for multiple targets. You could run both if you wanted to lean into lethal/slay a bit more but it would have to come at the expense of the back end of your deck.

There are three ways to give your Hulk breakthrough for the win coupled with rage. Dagger being the easiest and cheapest. Crusader's Assault is the second way. Then there's always the chance Hulk benefits from Apex Wolf's drain/breakthrough buff. In such a case, God help your opponent if he isn't packing a Mantikora, Dawn's Wrath, Red Year, or a 2-card silence/removal combo.

Elytra Noble is a great card to lead with before your Wolf, Nightblade, or Unique Legendaries because it'll soak up your opponent's silence/removal. The number one function of this card is fishing for the cards you don't want your opponent to use on your more critical creatures.

With the D'archer and Beligerent Giant you have 6 cards to neutralize support-reliant decks. This is imporant because you'll be summoning your fair share of 0/1 targets for your opponent and if he's running and Altar of Despair he'll be sacking them for something more useful. Also good for negating those pesky Necromancer decks or supports that buff all these targets your summoning for your opponent into something that can attack you.

No silence because Cast functions to negate the "Last Gasp" ability just as well. Save a Cast if you think you're up against someone running Parathunax unless you like being endlessly shouted at.

Dawnfang can be used with Sanctuary to net you a massive amount of health. Particularly if it's on a lethal creature in a removal chain or combined with a rage.

Duke is only in there to let me run all three attributes needed to pull off these sick combos. He's occasionally useful but you'll need to fish out all your opponent's silence & removal or he'll be neutralized before his ability kicks in.

If you manage to get a lot of completed contracts with Astrid or your Assasins don't hold them for a later play. This deck is so loaded with combos that let you mass draw that you'll be burning cards. It's safer to only hold one or two at a time and just stay aggressive with your play.

I've won many games with this deck despite terrible early draw. It's incredibly resiliant and just like you can draw a large amount of cards with it, you can also drain a very large amount of health as well with your Initiate's or Apex Wolf's plus a Sword of Inferno and/or a well placed Rage. Your own creatures hit with a Rage from a drain creature will reward you with health as well. Add in Dawnfang and you can add 20-40 health in one turn with ease. Be patient, let them crush a few runes, then hit them with a massive health drain while clearing the board. This deck is VERY good at coming from behind!

If you want to see me stream this deck I play late/early morning hours and Saturday evenings. Will stream on twitch with request. FivePointHammer is my username on twitch as well.

Currently up to tier 4 with this deck and climbing with ease. I fully expect to hit Legendary with it.
kayahaze 4 months ago
Great write up. Will give your deck a try thanks
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