Namira's Dragon Archer - Legend Rank!

By: Brian Richardso...
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Posted: 3 months ago
Updated: 3 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 17450crystal
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This deck is my first to reach Legend rank! I'm so happy with this style, and I've made a deck here that I've never come across on the ladder, which makes me think it's fairly unique (or at least super unusual) for a deck that manages to be competitive at high ranks. It's flexible against so many styles and provides the opportunity to win early, mid, or late depending on the match-up.

I've been playing for almost two years now, and for a long time Archer was my favorite deck type. At first I laddered to Rank 1 with a typical mid-range lethal-ping archetype, adding some late game Vigilant Giants and Tazkads for closing offense. Then I started branching into Rage Archer decks that were all the, uh, rage for a minute (sorry, couldn't help myself). Ultimately I got sick of playing the archetype and started specializing in Scout decks, but Archer always had a place in my heart.

Isle of Madness introduced a few cards that made me re-think Archer. The deck is built to do a few things: kill a lot of creatures with lethal pings, draw a lot of cards, challenge the board with lots of mid-range bodies, draw a lot of cards, take advantage of Dragon/Lookout synergies, draw a lot of cards, cycle the deck with Journey, and draw a lot of cards.

Archer sports the best Lookout benefits (life gain, card draw), and also the cheapest dragons (Tiny Dragon and Reflective Automaton mean you can take advantage of these benefits right really early, and/or in the same turn you drop a Lookout). The mana curve is cheap and features lots of AoE damage/removal so you can keep pace with aggro decks, and it's fast enough to occasionally win in the midgame. If the game drags on, you crank cheap cards and keep drawing with Namira's Shrines until you can Journey 15+ dead creatures back into your deck, which can outlast most control decks.

I love this deck, it's really fun to play, and I'm proud of it. Enjoy!

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