Steal from folks who ain't using it

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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 14450crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This decks purpose is to steal as many cards from your opponent as possible and throw them back to their face. Annoyance guaranteed!

Your key cards are Thievesguild Shadowfoots and Grisly Gourmets whom you summon again and again using Night to Remember and Winterhold Illusionists to steal enemy cards and turn their early game units into sweetrolls. Fighter's guild recruits and Sanctuary pets are good early game protectors who can take down even bigger opponents. Hive Defenders will protect you from enemies using many smaller creatures.
In the mid game you can destroy problematic enemies with Javelins and Steal creatures with powerful summon/Death rattle/end of the turn/start of the turn abilities with arrest. Mecinar's Will can be used to kill 2 enemy creatures with one spell, or you can combo it with night to remember/illusionist to permanently steal the creature. Ulfric's Uprising is used to activate summoning ability of every creature already on your lanes - including the creatures you have arrested from enemy. Stand Watch is used to make arrested enemies more useful, sniping enemy creatures hiding in cover or to protect yourself if you are desperate. Winterhold Illusionist can be played to free powerful arrested creatures. Orb of Vaermina will help you to get even more cards from your opponent's deck.
In the late game you can replay summons of Gentleman Thief to steal cards from opponents hand, Mecinar to create army of abominations, Miraak to steal every creature opponent tries to play or Odahviing to wipe the enemy board over and over again. Chodala's Treachery helps you to steal creatures when you can't replay Miraak or can be used as expensive Javelin if situation looks too bad. Chodala's Treachery is best to combo with cheap Black Mail or Stand Watch to give Guard to the stolen creature before you steal it.

This deck is strong against other control decks, combo decks and mid-range and late game decks as you will be stealing many useful spells and powerful creatures from the opponent.
Its weakness is early game aggro decks with High-Damage-Low-Health units as they are immune to most of your early control cards and their numbers will overwhelm your few guards. A lucky draw and good steals might save your ass though.

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