Control Tribunal [First day legend March Season]

By: Valerycry
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Posted: 2 weeks ago
Updated: 2 weeks ago
Up to date (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 33500crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
With it I reach fast legend in March 2018.

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Nice deck
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Thank you. If you have some questions about card choices or smth else I can ask.
I really like the deck but I made some changes I´d like you to comment on.

Thadon and one Tel'Vos -> 2 Dark Seducers (Saved my ass countless times vs aggro)
Crushings blows -> Reverberating Strike (since I never went face anyway and aggro decks sometimes places the same creature on board)
Icy Shambles -> Piercing Twilight (this was I am not so sure of, the Twilight helps vs other control or combo decks but without Shambles my Necromancers doesnt find much value)

I'd appreciate your feedback!
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Valerycry 2 weeks ago
Thadon very good in Tribunal, because u can create Mania Line and draw cards, what very important for this class, and u bait opponent to play cratures. U can easy control this lane with ur creatures and removals and win opponent for resources. 1 Tel`vos is normal change. All players change decks for his playstyle.
I really like Blows in this meta. A lot of greed mutchups and Blows can win game. I don`t remember situations in last 2 weeks when I need Reverbarating strike, and I remember around 20 games when extra 3 burst damage to opponent face win game for me.
Piercing Twilight good meta card, but this is card what play very bad vs aggro, because u can`t stop summon effect and u need play Twilight as Guard and bunish bad topdecks (like windkeep spellsword) for u opponent. Finally, this deck can easy play as midrange vs decks like Telvanni or Ramp Warrior with burst damage from hand as the finish. I don`t see profit from Twilights.
Icy shambles very good with necromancers and Skinned Hound. This combinations can slow your opponent and help u to remove his creatures in next turns.

Let`s sum my words.
Blows very good in this meta.
U can play 2 Shadowfen priest and 2 Telvos for example and add 2 late game cards, and this is good changes for your playstyle.
Twilights is a card what I don`t like but in this meta u can play them. I think u must see what u see in ladder more (greed or fast decks). If more greed - Twilights better, if more tempodecks - Icy Shambles better.

Thank you for your feedback.

P.S. Sorry for bad English
Thanks for the feedback, as I climb the ladder I start to see some of your points, I am in league 3 right now.

I saw some control matchups that could have been won with Crushing Blow. Thadon might have helped on some control matchsups as well but I am facing mostly aggro and midrange where I really have more cards than I know what to do.

I guess its up to playstyle and meta for your leagues, thanks for the deck anyway.
Farit31093 2 weeks ago
Hi Valery, love your deck so far, but have 1 question, what do you think about Firebolt right now?
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I don`t like firebolt now. Only if u play on low ranks (because a lot of begginers play prophecy BM).
After Goblin Skulk edit we don`t have targets for this spell. Orc Clan Captain and?...A lot of wards, and cratures with big HP. We don`t need this card for setup to Ice Storm, because in this patch we can easy do this from our board. Again - If we play bolts we try defence from spells in early game - Withered Hand Cultist say hello to us!
After turn 5 fire bolt very bad topdeck, and Tribunal don`t have a lot of draw.
Firebolt good card, but not for Tribunal in this meta. This is my oppinion.
Farit31093 2 weeks ago
Thanks for the answer and deck Valery, i feel the same too, so many creatures with a lot of HP and Wards.
thrasher_shar... 1 week ago
Great deck, but some conditional cards in here that could be replaced for an easier win in my experience. I've been playing almost this exact deck since the update, but...

Drop 3 Crushing Blow, Add 3 Reverberating Strike-- definitely more helpful in so many cases
Drop 1 Tel Vos & Thadon, Add 2 Dark Seducer-- unbelievable card (will probably get nerfed)
Drop Memory Wraith & Gatekeeper, Add 2 Hallowed Deathpriest-- permanently destroying someone's bomb cards is beyond valuable

Personal Choices:
Drop 1 Hive Defender, add 1 Soul Tear (having the option of replaying one of your own bombs after they use some instant removal is always a strong move)

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Valerycry 1 week ago
Drop 3 Crushing Blow, Add 3 Reverberating Strike-- definitely more helpful in so many cases
Drop 1 Tel Vos & Thadon, Add 2 Dark Seducer-- unbelievable card (will probably get nerfed)
I say about this cards in another comment. For My oppinion DarkSeducer very slow card for decks without ramps.

1 Soul tear good idea in Tribunal. I play this in another Tribunal deck with Supreme Atromancer+Barilzar Tinkering combo. In this deck it is option.

As I say in another comment - all players do decks for theair playstyle. This is options and good options. I don`t like deathpriests, but somebody play them.

P.S. Lazra can be good in this deck too, but I don`t play here.
Valerycry 1 week ago
1 Memory Wrath is more stabile vs Ramp warrior. Deathpriest is always random - memory can secure lethal for u. U kill a lot of options to decks, that work with discard pile. And this can secure ur board to final sturm.
David Marques 1 week ago
Thats almost exactly the changes I made, got me to Legend in less than 100 games.

Thadon is overkill most of the times, you get enough cards by getting punched in the face. Darjk Seducer saved my ass so many times that it would be the last card I would drop from my list,

Also vs aggro you get value from reverberating strikes so many times and it wins you the game right there.

I also managed to add Parthunax in there somehow, with the single Soul Tear it can make for late game Parthunax cycle. Won me some games vs other tribunal.
Help me to improve my Deck >.< ?
I was wondering if you think Vivec or the dawns wrath are more important? I'm missing both but I have enough soul gems to craft one?

so far I changed:
-1 crushing blow -> +1 reverberating strike
-1 Shadowfen (missing) -> hallowed deathpriest
-1 Hive defender -> +1 soul tear
-1 odirniran necro (missing) -> + Luzrah

missing vivec and 2 dawns wrath so added: journey to sovngarde (not sure about this one yet?) cicero and 1 dark seducer

Thanks for the deck and any advice!
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Edit- I dusted a few cards and crafted one dawns wrath and swapped it with the journey to sovngarde. seems to be helping a lot so far
Valerycry 15 hours ago
It is good posible changes. About Downwrath - in some matchups, like midBM or Dagot that is very good card
do you think vivec is necessary? i have enough gems to craft one more legendary
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