Tribunal Control - Anti Aggro and Mid - With Guide

By: David Marques
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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 33400crystal
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League 1 and climbing.

(Inspired by ValeryCry's deck with some anti aggro adaptations.)

This deck is good vs aggro or mid-range decks, can struggle against heavier/later control decks. Above 70% win rate so far.



    Very standard approach, don't be greedy on mulligan, keep one 4 cost at most.
    If your opponent switches lanes because of your guard set up drain on your guarded lane as soon as possible.
    Play around icestorms whenever you can
    Abuse Necromancer + Icy Shambles/Barrow Stalker (dont bring Indoril Mastermind back)
    Take advantage of bigger bodies to make them guards with skinned hound.
    Skinned hound + Wardcraft on its own can buy a lot of time.
    If you Galyn go for Guards or Drain, DONT BE GREADY
    Never go face unless you can kill in one turn.

Control Decks:

    Dont take initiative unless its for value cards (Mastermind/Daggerfall Mage, etc)
    Prioritize casting into time biggest threats, try to deal with minor threats with your creatures and other spells.
    If you Galyn be greedy (Necromancers, Supreme Atromancer, Ancano, Nahalgliiv).
    Slowly chip your opponents health, for him to fight for the board.
    Try to keep Lightning Bolts, Crushing Blows and Ancano to finish face.
    Play Hallowed Deathpriets whenever you have a chance.
    Using Necromancer to pull Daggerfall mages over and over again will drain your opponent for removal resources.

Hope this will help on those ladders!

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Hi I have some qestions about your deck. Why atromancer? It's very useless because there are no combinations! I don't understand the purpose of the deathpriest because it's no effective against aggro and mid range.
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Both choices are to help vs control matchups.

Late game Atromancer + some some 2 drops can be enough damage to finish an opponent.
Deathpriest is mostly to counter rage warrior decks, ramp scout and such things.
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