acampbell11's Namira's Party

By: chatgris
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Posted: 2 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 15750crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
The legendary control Archer from the man himself.

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Gave a thumb thanks for the repost bro
Thanks for the repost
simi103 2 months ago
just went 8-1 in ladder with this i searched the decks of acampbell, now subscribed thank you +1
It's good that i have Falinesti Reaver premium :)
How essential is Thieves Guild Fence? The deck looks interesting but I have none, and not enough gems to craft.
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Fence is definitely a core part of the deck.
So thanks to the nerf refund I was able to craft three fences today. Played a couple of games with this deck, and wow...
Renegade10 2 months ago
Can be fun but gets dumb real fast if you don’t draw Namira Shrine. I concede out of boredom. Must be incredibly annoying to play against. It has no way to push damage until the end. Zzzzzz
Definitely the most fun deck I have ever seen posted on this site, and the first I found worthy of commenting on.
Calsium 2 months ago
I'm having trouble against extremely fast decks. How can I heal myself or how can I deal with them?
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The only lifegain in the deck comes (potentially) from Mundus Stone, so vs aggro the real trick is mitigating damage as much as possible, while only letting through what you feel you can afford to take.

As far as counter aggro plays:

This deck is purely a control deck but will not play out the same as your standard control mage. It requires a bit more math, timing and practice. You should utilize cards like Pyro, Pet and ping/lethal combos early game to survive but aggro. You do have a decent deck at your disposal for dealing with aggro, especially if you have a good hand and topdecks.
OMG perfect for slow-trolling people who think they are good in ladder. Just went 7-1, 2 of those victories the guy was spamming emotes at me like he was good. I laughed the whole time as I wrecked their shit. Thanks a lot for this deck!
IN-SITU 2 months ago
Excellent! Thanks for the repost and the idea of this list (love so much the use of the Thieves Guild Fence ! : D ). But Falinesti Reaver is really good ? : /
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Reaver can definitely be replaced! Eclipse Baroness, Vigilant Giant, Beligerent Giant, Wildfire Dragon, probably even a few more that might fit, or just throw in a danger noodle for a quick lethal kill.
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