Ancano's Willpower

By: HLH mong00se
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Posted: 2 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 8450crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Second deck I'm submitting following up on [deck id=?]Ancano's Cringing[/deck]. I'm proud of how much success I'm having with this deck at level 17, have some three-in-a-row wins in Casual Play and currently working my way through Isles of Madness: Episode 2 with good success as well.

This is a mage deck built only with cards I've collected leveling up to save the coin to spend 1000 on the first episode of Isles of Madness - making a point not to spend money on buying cards or stories. And this deck should be very attainable for the 1st month beginner (or sooner, depending how much you are playing).

This deck is built off of [deck id=?]Ancano's Cunning[/deck] with some nice health boosts from the Bruma Profiteer, foiling 2 power enemies with Dark Rebirth + Grisly Gourmet and / or Winterhold Illusionist + Grisly Gourment combos. Conjuration Scholar and Golden Saint will both serve you well with these re-spawn tactics in the mid-game, too!

Firebolts and Lightning Bolts are your friends so save them along with the Piercing Javelins to pick off the nasty enemies advanced players like to spawn when the time is right. Most of my wins are happening in rounds 7 - 15 or so; take your time and endure some early round assaults until you get your defense established and pour on damage with Divine Fervor boosting low cost characters.

Many games my highest damage dealer turns out to be the Bruma Profiteer if they can last a few rounds both providing you health boosts and receiving buffs from your actions and support cards.

If these two decks I've created are helping you get acclimated to this game I'd love to hear what you think is working and what you think could use improvement; I'm still learning how this game works, too!

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