Baron of Conjuring (high legend mid-mage)

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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 18600crystal
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Hello and welcome.

My name is Nolyn aka Bettorup. I play in the top 50 legend on TESL ladder and have a deck I'm excited to share with you today.

This deck was inspired by a blue-heavy aggro sorcerer deck created by Bujiinnovation a few weeks back. The blue-heavy nature of the deck allows for nice tempo/value/damage plays using Cunning Ally (and its firebolts) and Baron of Tear.

As any good mid-range deck should, this deck has the ability to go over the top of aggro, or going underneath control. It can play either a defensive or offensive role quite well.

There are plenty of great synergies featured here. Namely, Manic Jack/Manic Mutation + Lesser Ward, Wardcrafter, Baron of Tear, Stand Watch, Pillaging Tribune, and/or Royal Sage.

Pillaging Tribune + Mentor's Ring is a nice late game combo to put a close race in your favor. The dream of course is to use Pillaging Tribune on a Lava Atronach during a close race. In more than one game, I've given guard, ward and drain to my entire team. GG.

Gnarl Rootbender is an absolute beast in this deck, as it meshes very well with Manic Mutation, Lesser Ward or even Firebolt when you're in a pinch. Not to mention 2-4-1-ing your opponent when they use a Lighting Bolt or Piercing Javelin to destroy it. Gnarl Rootbender, along with Pillaging Tribune, and your buffed creatures help proc Mighty Conjuring, which is the most powerful creature (in the game) you can put on the board for 7 magicka.

Now, if you could play a 5/4 creature for 3 magicka, but you can only play it turn 4 or later, would you still play it? Altmer Dragonknight is a fantastic 3 drop to squeeze into a late-game turn. It will set up Mighty Conjuring nicely, as well as presenting a must-kill threat for your opponent. If your opponent is willing to spend 4-5 magicka to kill it, then you are gaining a lot of tempo, and can freely keep chipping away at your opponents life total.

Temple Conjurer is another excellent mid-game threat (and sets up big daddy as well). Two copies feels just right. I rarely play it on turn two, but I certainly would, given the right matchup. The potential for 7+ damage divided into two bodies on a 5 magicka investment, seems like a heck of a deal to me.

Then of course, what better way to set up a Mighty Conjuring then by putting two 5/3's with breakthrough on the board and dealing four damage with Supreme Atromancer. I've won several games after getting ice-stormed two or three times by refilling the board with this value/damage machine.

I'm currently sitting in the top 20 playing this deck with great success. If you like the color blue, you will love this deck. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. I'd be happy to answer any questions. Good luck and thank you for reading!


p.s. Please consider following me on twitch.

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This list looks great! I miss playing mid mage. It's always been one of my favorite archetypes. I'll be putting this together tonight. Thanks for the share.
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Thank you! Let me know how it works out. 🤟🏽
I played with this deck a good bit last night. Went 13-2 overall. It's been very consistent for me. Gonna try and push for legend tonight!
What you think that is working on climbing?
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Hey Luppo. I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you wondering if this deck is good for climbing?
Yes. Sry for my english. Im learn every day. :)
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Yes. I think this deck would be great to climb with. Again, being able to play either an offensive or defensive role is at the heart of this and many other midrange decks. You simply play the control role against aggro and the aggro role against control. Good luck out there and thanks for the comment!
pgbarty 1 week ago
You have always good decks. Thanks again.
Cool deck! I switched the 2 Poetic to Seyda but left the rest as it is. Feels solid.
How do you get the shuffler to not give you every card over 5 cost in your opening hand?
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I would probably shave a bit of top end for more one or two drops if you're finding the meta to be on the aggressive side. This particular build can certainly draw clunky hands, which isn't the worst against control. I ran really well against tribunal and telvanni around top 20 legend with this list at the time I made it. Aggro matchups were even +EV. But it can certainly crap all over you too. Sorry bout dat.
NoNeck 1 day ago
If to be honest, IMHO, Therana would be great with Mighty Conjuring, but I understand, that, unfortunately, it's a little bit difficult...
PhoenixRZN 1 day ago
8 игр и 5 поражения. Пробовал и от защиты играть, и агрессивно... Результаты - ничего хорошего. От агроты отлетает отлично. Очень не хватает массовой зачистки, вроде "Ледяной шторм", а так же карт уничтожения поддержки. Что-то колода у меня общего восторга не вызвала. Вампиризма тоже нет, чтобы здоровье восстановить. Эти двух несчастных "Командир преторианцев" фиг откопаешь среди 50 карт.

Автору большое спасибо за подробное описание, редко кто не ленится это сделать.
ToastieNL 23 hours ago
Very fun list! I am a little confused at the place Poetic Armiger is taking, it seems like a weird 2-drop. I understand that we are rolling with the Blue package, but I am going to try how Quartermaster or Seyda Neen fit in here, both helping to enable Conjuring as well.

I'm also really trying to fit Doomfang Ally and Tel Vos Magister in here, but I reckon that's going to be a bit clunky.

Cool list though, seemed effective in the first few games I played with it and there's definitely some room for me to mess about! Thanks a bunch!
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