Staff of Venom

By: WidjettyOne
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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 19650crystal
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I've been having a lot of fun with this deck lately. It uses a few synergies that most people aren't expecting.

Here are some of the synergies:
The deck isn't super-optimised. We can probably afford to drop at least 2 of the ice storms, because we have so much lethal creature control. Probably replace them with lightning bolts. Divayth Fyr is just for fun, replace with any other game-ender. Ruthless Freebooter is less effective than I'd hoped because there are only a few lethal creatures (most of our lethal comes from actions). Replace with Fighter's Guild Recruit.

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Basically no real 2 drops. This must get rolled over by aggro. Might want to add Astrid.
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I ended up taking my own suggestions in the last paragraph, and, yes, added Astrid.

I think I may need to reduce the card draw, because I keep burning cards (too many items sometimes, and the double cards tend to stuff my hand too). Astrid sometimes hurts there and I sometimes end up wasting Contracts just so my hand isn't too full.

Against aggro, the three drops are surprisingly effective at stalling until you can pull off an Ice Storm or Staff of Sparks (the staff often works on turn 6, because they don't attack my lethal creature) - Sanctuary Pets slow them down, Daggerfall Mage 2-for-1s against most creatures when given lethal (and can be re-warded with Assassin's Ritual for a third). The Lightning Bolts and Fighter's Guild Recruits that I've added (replacing Ice Storms and Ruthless Freebooters, respectively) come out on prophecy, so they help sometimes too.

A fun thing with Staff of Sparks is it is a recurring wipe every time the creature attacks, and a surprising number of people don't notice this and play creatures in the shadow lane to try to attack my staff-wielder, only to get them wiped during my turn.

Note that Staff of Sparks + Territorial Viper is a 10-cost instant lane clear that will repeat every turn until they kill it (though even a Mage's Trick will do that!).

If anyone plays an exalted Almalexia, there is precisely nothing in this deck that can deal with it. Perhaps I could splash in a Tinkering, Wabbajack or Knife to the Throat for those sorts of problems.

In many cases I win because of the surprise combo, which they could have played around if they were expecting it. I find that quite satisfying!
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