Ancano's Madness

By: HLH mong00se
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Posted: 2 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 7600crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is the third deck I'm posting and it's my most successful mage deck to date. After two months of playing this game, I'm consistently having multi-game win streaks in casual mode using this deck.

It's built having just completed the first Act of Isles of Madness, so if you've managed to save up enough in game coin to purchase that act this deck should effectively be free for you. I had a Steam gift certificate left over from the holidays to purchase Return to Clockwork City and I'm using this deck to good success to power through the first act and currently 6/8 on Episode 3 at the time of publishing.

I hope this deck is accessible to many of you early players as I'm still not seeing many decks I can afford with my collection. I've spent 19.95 on the game as of now but I've kept this deck using cards purely gained from spending zero dollars.

Since my collection is continuing to grow, it won't be possible to really build a totally free deck - so this is my third gift to you all! Appreciate feedback and thumbs up as I continue to learn this game.

I'm maxing out Bruma Profiteer to boost health as you control your opponent's aggression with defensive cards like Evermore Steward and Kvatch Soldier in the early game. This deck still benefits from strategies utilizing Dark Rebirth just like[deck id=?] Ancano's Willpower[/deck] did; Grisly Gourmet loves to bake up low powered enemies and then be reborn to do it over again.

Good luck using this deck, I've had a lot of fun in casual play until I come across a three attribute deck. I'm not sure why a two attribute deck is allowed to compete against a three attribute deck, they seem so overpowered in comparison and I can't afford the cards yet so boohoo to me LOL.

Oh yeah, and try holding onto any Golden Saint you draw until you get more health than your opponent. This deck with double defense card plays is a real benefit!

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