Gardener of Pants

By: JackAries
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Posted: 6 days ago
Updated: 3 days ago
Up to date (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 11150crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Use the synergy of Gardener of Swords, Stolen Pants, and Corsair Ship to create endless minions while buffing your cards.

Use Master Swordsman in the shadow lane to start buffing your items. Use Wardcrafters, Assassins, Cunning Allies, Daggerfall Mages, and Harpies to slow your opponents while you build up tomes, and fireballs, and buff your items. Add Arcane Enchanter when you can.

Don't be too eager to play the Gardener as he a sitting duck for most actions and pings. Wait until you have Corsair Ships in place and at least one Stolen Pants in hand.

Play Gardener in the shadow lane along with other creatures to protect him. Once he and at least one other creature are in the shadow lane equip the creature with Stolen Pants. This will summon two Dunmer in the field lane, both will equip a dagger from the Corsair Ship and so will the Gardener.

Either kill your creature with the Stolen Pants or equip one of the Dunmer with Stolen Pants. Once this is in place you can endlessly summon more. Use the Dunmer with a Stolen Pants equipped to suicide into any creature in the field lane, this will send his pants to the next Dunmer, equip an additional Stolen Pants to the Gardener, who will summon a replacement Dunmer in the field lane, who will then equip a dagger and send it to the Gardener. For each Dunmer death a Dunmer gains +1/+1, the Gardener gets +2/+1, and another Dunmer is summoned. This effect is multiplied with more Gardeners, more Pants, and more Ships.

(God help your enemy if you have three Corsair Ships, three Gardeners in play, and play a Stolen Pants; as each summoned Dunmer will result in a +4/+1 buff for each Gardener and you can summon four at once with one properly played Stolen Pants. If you enemy kills a Gardener all his equipped Pants will revert to the Dunmer and be copied to the remaining Gardeners. By killing one they tripled your attack power.)

In the meantime use Gardener's ability to create two shackles with the Mace, draw two cards with Plate or Tomes, or buff with Heirloom Swords and Seyda Neen Couriers.

To take advantage of Master at Arms' summon either suicide creatures with items into enemies to control the board or put items into your discard pile with palace Conspirator.

Play correctly and you should have an army of endless minions in the field lane and endlessly buffing controls in the shadow.

Beware: Enemies who run actions like Cast into Time or Piercing Twilights can be a problem. Try to use Gayln to multiply your essential cards and use your own Piercing Twilight to banish those actions.

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This type of deck is one of my favorites. I Love the free duplications. Good work!
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Thanks! It's super fun to play when everything lines up. Got a screenshot of two Gardeners wearing a dozen pants with 6 Dunmer minions lol
I highly suggest you add lute to your list. This will protect your precious pants investments.
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I wanted to add it but couldn't work it in without taking some of the card draw functions out; which you really need. Plus I actually don't own any haha. Maybe replacing Sayda Neen Courier would be a spot for it. But yeah, silences ARE a problem. Running against Tribunal (fun police) can be annoying.
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