Top 100 Legends Action Transmogrify

By: bleublueblew
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Posted: 2 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 15400crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This deck helped me reach top 100 legends last season. It contains only 3 creatures so it's kinda weird to play with but super fun once you get the hang of it. The general goal of the deck is to retain board control until you reach turn 7, then bust out transmogrify or mages guild retreat. Since there are only 3 creatures, transmogrify can be used to great effect. Below is the general play style against different matchups and a short description of each card. This is my first big write-up so let me know what you think!

Win Conditions:

-Mages Guild Retreat: Your main win con. Once one or two of these are down, just keep playing actions and you will eventually overpower your opponent. The ability to control while churning out frost and storm atronachs every turn is ridiculously good
-Outlast agro
-Paarturnax: his ability to repeatedly resurrect himself makes him a win condition


e.g. crusader, agro dagoth, agro sorcerer, etc.

Agro should be pretty easy to play against with this deck. Use small cards like firebolt, reverberating strike, and firestorm to destroy their flimsy creatures. Prophecy cards and health gain can help stop agro in its tracks.

Note: Mages guild retreat will only bog you down against agro -- it's almost never worth the 7 magicka cost.

e.g. tribunal, telvanni, conscription decks, etc.

These decks more challenging to play against, but as long as you don't draw like butt then you'll win. I've noticed that there are a couple ways your opponent will try to play against this deck once they realize that you are extremely reactionary. They tend sit back and build up cards so you can't play most your cards. To combat this, there are enough cards in this deck that can trigger Mages Guild Retreat without using your opponent's creatures.

Cards to Include

Fabricate: 1-drop that can provide tons of utility
Crassius' Favor vs. Scout Patrol: I choose Crassius' Favor because it provides some much needed health gain
Healing Potion: Usually I'd never include this card but here it can be used to trigger mage's guild retreat and has saved me so many times against agro
Dragon Aspect vs. Fire Breath: Dragon Aspect provides much more utility with the health gain effect
Alduin: I've considered taking him out since he's the deadest draw that ever drew, but his value when transmogrifying is insane.

Overall, just control until late game and then hit your opponent with an atronach onslaught and you will win all kinds of games!

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Played 3 games with this deck, 3 times I drew all 3 dragons and no TransMo...f%ck me right?! Thanks for sharing!
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