Magick of the Kill

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Posted: 2 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 20600crystal
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This deck focuses on building up your magicka and taking advantage of its raw power. To give it some help, a lot of slay ability cards were added to pressure your opponent and get you closer to your win condition. By building up your magicka, you're capable of playing some intensely overwhelming creatures with 16+ power that can finish off your opponent.


Pureblood Elder
A staple point of the deck, this creature creates a massive contribution to your overall magicka gain and eventually gives you 16 power with breakthrough to wreck your opponent's health. Best played when you can gain magicka in the same turn, but is not required.

Dragon Cult Ghost
The other big power-player of the deck. When you can boost up your max or temporary magicka to a crazy high amount, this card can be played with 15+ power levels. When you take full advantage of gaining temporary magicka (such as using Completed Contracts or slaying with Torval Extortionist), you can even reach power levels of 20+.

Hist Speaker, Tree Minder, Archon Venomtongue, Blackwood Distiller, and Thorn Histmage
All decent Argonians to help increase that magicka and great to be used in conjunction with the Pureblood Elder. The Blackwood Distiller also helps to boost that temporary magicka, but the card is often the quickest for your opponent to dispose of.

Torval Extortionist
Great for playing multiple cards in the same turn or to summon an immensely powerful Dragon Cult Ghost. Combining this card with Brotherhood Sanctuary has gotten me Ghosts with 20+ power on multiple occasions.

Morag Tong Aspirant and Morag Tong Assassin
Both great cards to take advantage of the slay bonuses and great ways to be a nuisance to your opponent while you build up your magicka. Plus, the guard the Assassin summons can be immediately slain by another one of your creatures in his lane.

Getting multiple Completed Contracts is a great help in a deck like this.

Blood Magic Lord
Not the most perfect fit, but since you can often play him when your opponent still has some lower cost creatures on the field, he is great to wreak some havoc. The blood magic cards from his slay bonus are a great help too.

Mournhold Traitor
Puts pressure on your opponent early on and creates a weak guard ready to be slain upon his own death.

Lucien Lachance
Since your creatures will either have slay abilities or are immensely powerful, having Lucien around is great for creating a nuisance for your opponent.

Pahmar-raht Renegade and Cicero the Betrayer
Helps you to draw more cards since you will have a lot of magicka to spare on some turns.

Actions, Supports, and Items

Brotherhood Sanctuary and The Night Mother
As you can tell, there is a lot of slaying in this deck. Having these supports in play can give you a significant advantage between additions to magicka, power, and, in the Morag Tong Aspirant's case, creatures on the board.

Hist Grove
You are almost certain to reach 15+ magicka in a game, so having a couple Swamp Leviathans spawn from it is great for your win condition.

Squish the Wimpy
More kills means more slay bonuses.

Jyggalag's Incursion
Even though it gives your opponent more magicka to work with, it also brings you closer to your win condition. Combining it with the Pureblood Elder to gain 4 max magicka in a turn is really its greatest play.

Snake Tooth Necklace
Sometimes, while you are focusing on your magicka, you have to neglect your health. With this item in your hand, you can relax a little bit and let your opponent bust your runes while you create the ultimate Pureblood Elder or Dragon Cult Ghost. With the capacity for you to gain 16+ health in a single hit, the Snake Tooth Necklace keeps you from certain death and turns the tide of the game completely. Also works great with Squish the Wimpy to get you double the health.

Some Things to Consider

Adding a Fork of Horripilation can get you to fill your hand if you have a Brotherhood Sanctuary in play, but getting a creature to slay with it does give you a bit of trouble.

The Night Mother is kind of an optional card. It's great for giving you targets to slay, but I've done pretty well without it too.

Let me know if you have any ideas for making the deck better! I want to cut the size down to 50 cards, but I'm little conflicted on which cards to get rid of. I'm always open to hearing out your suggestions.

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