Midrange Archer 28.05.2017

By: inezz
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 3 weeks ago
Up to date (DarkBrotherhood patch)
Crafting Cost: 12750crystal
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Archer has always been among the best archetypes in The Elder Scrolls: Legends and there is no exception in this meta. The archetype has one of the best “curves” in a mid-range shell, it has the ability for strong tempo plays, and the green/red combination offers good “reach” through the use of charge creatures. All of these factors are what continually make Archer strategies the King of Mid-Range.

With the release of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood expansion, archer has become a more consistent deck. Archer now has ways to sure up its early game with cards like Astrid and Brotherhood Slayer. Additionally, Astrid and Brotherhood Slayer make it troublesome for opponents to play cards into the same lane as these cards. The tension created from these two cards can easily mess up your opponent’s game plan as early as turn 2. In the past, Cliff Racer gave you a decent number of Charge/Burst creatures but its new partner in crime, Underworld Vigilante, gives you a threshold of charge creatures that furthers the consistency of this deck. The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood expansion also gave a fantastic utility card for in the form of Garnag, Dark Adherent. If played in the correct timing, Garnag can shut off powerful late game plays such as Supreme Atromancer, Manticora, Dawns Wrath, or Odaviing.

The flexibility of cards in Mid-Range Archer is what makes this deck, unlike most archetypes, a “Meta independent” deck. This is to say the flexibility of the new Fall of the Dark Brotherhood cards in addition to cards like Leaflurker or Belligerent Giant allows this archetype to keep up with almost any deck while still having the ability to play aggressively in the match ups it needs to play aggressively.

Perhaps Mid-Range Archer’s greatest weakness is Ice Storm. Ice Storm can be hard for this archetype to play around and a well-timed turn 6 ice storm can slow the decks initial tempo to a hault. Most match-ups that feature Ice Storm are then able to systematically remove all threats for the rest of the game with strong spot removal such as Lightning Bolt, Firebolt, etc. If you are seeing a larger number of Ice Storms or the pace of the meta allows for this card, we suggest running a version of Mid-Range Archer that features Triumphant Jarl.


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Vinther 5 months ago
How do the giants and Allena fit to "aggro archer"?

Seems to me, this is a typical mid-range archer. All archers are aggro to maintain the health advantage for marshals/jarls.

And don't take this in a wrong way, I like you inezz and i like your decks and I believe you are a super good player and doing a good thing posting decks like these that are actually really strong.
Just saying that this is definitely a bit mislabeled :D
1 Reply
inezz 5 months ago
Hey, thank you for the comment. If i would say its midrange people would ask:" Where is that midrange it's aggro, because you are only going face".

But looking on the mana curve it really curves out midrange.
Vinther 5 months ago
inezz wrote:
Hey, thank you for the comment. If i would say its midrange people would ask:" Where is that midrange it's aggro, because you are only going face".

But looking on the mana curve it really curves out midrange.

Nah, you can freely change it to mid-range, its core is exactly like typical Archer.

Aggro wouldn't have murkwater witches, pyromancers, leaflurkers, rapid shots.

It would have greystone ravager and similar.
Faylash 5 months ago

Do you manage to have health advantage by turn 5 or is it not so important? it seems to me that only traitor and kinsman fullfil that role for 2/3 drops maybe cutpurse, but the rest of the cards are more reactive than taking the initiave and you could stuck with them at your hand (sharpshooter, witch , skaven , fighter's guild)

Thanks for sharing
alexblass 5 months ago
hi, i was wondering if moonlight werebats are good in place of lumbering ogrims. thx for sharing!
Solid Deck
1 Reply
inezz 1 month ago
Thank you.
fantazyn 1 month ago
Amazing deck!
I've played this deck from bottom of spiral in 4th rank to 3rd rank without loss!
It's aggressive deck which can also defend against control decks.
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